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Thread: "Ryan On Air" Canceled

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay
    This story gives new meaning to "Seacreast - out!".

    Now if only they would remove him from American Idol....

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    Honestly, it seems like the only things keeping his show alive at the time were American Idol. Janet JAckson and America's Next Top Model. It seemed they would always go on his show after being Eliminated.

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    FORT Fogey VanJagSol's Avatar
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    I am so sad that "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" was cancelled.

    I went to 5 tapings, well it would have been 6 but I got there too late. My friend calls me an On-air whore. I hope to get down there before it ends.

    I love how he isn't afraid to show his fan side. Or how he gets teary at times.

    I will admit that I only started watching because Rosanna Tavarez was the entertainment anchor. Even though she is now only on when they do the surprise "fan cam" segments I do still always watch.

    I will not lose hope that he will come back. It's a great show!!

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    First I heard of this and I am actually disappointed. I thought I would hate his show but I actually liked it, and caught it every chance I got. His interviews were really good and laid back. He took real good care of his fans and could even poke fun at himself. Hopefully he will get something new back on the air soon enough.

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    I liked this show - when I was able to catch it .. he'd be a good foil for late night if you ask me.. daytime there just aren't enough people at home in his time slot in the show's favoured demographic - they're supposed to be in school!
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    This was a pretty good show. Ryan really went out of his way to make his guests comfortable; the fans were always so gracious; he had those great AI backstage connections. I'll miss this, and hopefully Ryan will have a show elsewhere.

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    I'll miss the idea that I could see Ryan. I hardly ever actually watched the show because I was at work when it came on but I think he's a likeable guy. He'll be okay - he has other irons in the fire besides On Air.

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    I feel bad for him. He's not my favorite TV personality, but I find him pretty amiable and I didn't think the show was doing too poorly. How can this show get cancelled when Car-snore Daly gets to keep his crappy late night ass-kissing fest?
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    This is sad, horrifying news to me

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