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Thread: Fat Actress

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    Apr 2003
    I couldn't stop laughing last night. There's something about hearing Mayim Bialik yell "F--- you!" that just makes everything right with the world.

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    I don't get the channel this is on, but I would love to see this show. I think she's pretty wacky, but that's one of the things I find endearing about her. I love her self-deprecating humor. I just might have to break down and order Showtime (it is Showtime, right?) I've seen the promo of her wailing on the bathroom floor while talking to her agent, and even though I've seen it several times, it still makes me laugh.
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    I have 8 or so channels of HBO and I never watch the Sopranos, hated Sex in the City, but I would so love to watch Fat Actress. I think I have the wrong movie channels.

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    For a mock-reality show, it's the first show in a long time that has made me laugh as hard as I did for the first two episodes. She probably is a total nut job in person, but damn...this is one funny show.
    The exchange between her and "Blossom" was priceless!! I hope it continues on it's present course...I for one will be watching!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvcures1
    For instance, this weeks episode, when she runs into an old boyfriend. He's in the parking lot full of men, and she's yapping away not realizing that its a pickup spot for gay men.
    I finally caught up and watched episode 3 last night. I was laughing during that entire scene. Is this a Miata Rally?

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    Bravo and Encore!

    Quote Originally Posted by gigohead
    Kirstie Alley is going to star in a comedy about a fat actress in Hollywood. She's now hovering around 300 lbs. She's a sad sack cause she was quite an attractive lady in her heyday. She looks like a big drag queen now. I have a feeling the show will be a smash!
    It's about time television has finally managed to have come up with the courage to produce a show this different, this innovative, this culturally correct, this daring, this good.

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    I found the first episode as a free on-demand teaser, it was hilarious!

    But the only way to see the rest is to sign up with Showtime, right? Ah, well.
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    This show just keeps getting better. Pam Anderson (who is now starring in an incredibly lame network sitcom - my husband made me watch it) could take some lessons from Kirstie Alley on how to mock yourself in a way that's actually funny.

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    Rebecca F
    All I can say is:


    Two episodes made me cry, I laughed so hard. One - when her brother got Kevin high on crack and she was trying to have sex with everyone... And then the one right before the finale, when she was dating that guy who cried all the time. OMG, I laughed so hard, thank god it was on demand so I could pause it.

    Can't wait for season 2. I hear ya on diggin' Kid Rock, Kirstie!!!!!!

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    I hope there will be a season two..I heard rumours...can't even think of where...that the ratings sucked so it wasn't going ot be pick up for another season.I hope not.I love this show.Very funny.

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