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Thread: Will and Grace

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fanatic277
    Yes, the show is taped in the US, i'm surprised it's being released earlier here. Usually we're behind, season 6 just started on TV here and we're a few seasons behind on alot of other shows!

    Megan is my favourite on the show aswell, without her i probably wouldn't be watching the show. I'm not sure about the award for best comedian though, i know she won the Screen actor's guild award for best actress on a comedy beating Debra.
    Well they are just now getting started on taping Season 7. So you aren't really behind on the W&G.
    But i want Season 3 already. I saw pictures of the cover for where you live and they kind of look corny

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjDeluxay
    Well they are just now getting started on taping Season 7. So you aren't really behind on the W&G.
    But i want Season 3 already. I saw pictures of the cover for where you live and they kind of look corny
    I agree, the covers are pretty corny. They had alot of offers on the first 2 seasons dvd's, where if you buy 1 you get another free. I gues with Will & Grace, we're not far behing but we're 4 seasons behind on Law & Order!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjDeluxay
    Sean Hayes is not gay. He has a girlfriend. Or he said that in a interview.
    I loved him in Cat in the Hat. I want to watch April's Ashes just because he is in it.
    Sean Hayes is in Pieces of April--the movie for which Patricia Clarkson was nominated for an Academy Award.

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    oh yeah. I am sorry about that.
    Pieces of April

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    oh i forgot to add, JLo will be on this weeks W&G. JAck will graduate hopefully.
    and Karen will be on her honeymoon and celebrate it with Jennifer Lopez

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    ok i am sorry, but i just had to ask what you thought of the last episode of this season?
    i kind of wished they would have shown us what would have happened if Grace was in it. Would it be the same just with her on the phone here and there.

    But JLo did a funny thing.

    HAHA YAY Karen Walker may come back to life after wanting a Divorce SO fast.
    but that is Karen for you.

    I so thought Leo and Will were going to kiss or something.

    Jack did a funny job as a dancer.
    anyways i forgot when the next season starts.

    wow, season 7 i hope it lasts longer than 10 seasons.

    W&G will be people's fix since Friends is banishing

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    What a dumbass way to write Harry Connick Jr. out of the show. We all know that his contract is up and they haven't asked him back but to have him cheat makes him look weak instead of just needing to get out of the relationship because it isn't working. :phhht
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    I found it incredibly funny when Jack had to translate his speech into 'English' for the benefit of the British guests ('Ballroom' and 'Mr & Mrs Lordy Loo(sp?) bumbleshoot' )

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    yeah i found it quite strange that they had to make him cheat on her.
    it seems perfect to tie in though. Since Debra had her child.
    But this isn't a normal "Friends" twist type.
    i just hope they pick up the pace.
    this is one of my top shows.

    when is/was Sharon on W&G?

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    Great News. Season Three!!!

    Season three of the famous Will and Grace releases Sept. 7, 2004.

    Following up on the news post from May 30th, where Lions Gate told us that Will & Grace - Season 3 would make it out in "early September".

    DVDEmpire.com has put up a pre-order listing for this release, and they specify a Sept. 7th release date (boy is THAT a date that's getting mighty full of TV-on-DVD box sets!). A list price of $49.98 and a 560 minute running time is the only other info provided.

    When Lions Gate makes more information available, we'll be back to fill you in on the specs and supplements for this release. Stay tuned!

    Our thanks to Rob Broder for the heads-up.

    preorder now

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