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Thread: Good Day L.A./Good Day Live

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    Good Day L.A./Good Day Live

    Do you watch these shows? I used to. But I had to stop about six months ago. I just couldn't take Jillian Barbarie anymore. I know, I know: her appeal is probably lost on folks over a certain age...which tells you what a dinosaur I am. lol And I am delighted that she is finally, permanently gone from Good Day Live!

    I couldn't stand her constant interrupting of the guests and other hosts. I couldn't stand her constant on-air challening of program policies. I remember one show where she went on and on about a hat she was wearing and had been asked to remove. OK, fine. She's entitled to get an explanation for the policy. But as a viewer I have no interest in listening to her go on and on and on about it, DURING the show! This is what post-show staff meetings are for.

    Her wardrobe, attitude, mouth and behavior suggested someone in the under-20 age range. I don't consider that appropriate for someone who is going to be 40 years old in about three more years.

    I'm so pleased that the whole tone of the show is calmer now. It's such a pleasure to tune in and see the fabulous Steve Edwards NOT being interrupted every six seconds. I'm back to watching Good Day Live, and I'm a very happy viewer.

    How about you?

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    i love jillian barbarie ;o)

    I just have to say that i think jillian made the show what it was. an entertaining show that wasn't as stuffy & serious as all the other morning shows. she was so funny he was the reason i'd watch and start my day off with a good laugh.
    i'm not 20 ,i'm 33 but i didn't see anything wrong with the show. there is always good morning american and the today show if you want seriousness and no jokes. i thought it was good to see real people talking about real life and not just other type of news.
    the show had a great following and i bet alot of people stopped watching it when she left. you don't have to be a 20 year old to like the show. it is true, she was not a martha stewart type, but who needs another one of those.
    she was a cool girl who told it like it was and that takes alot of guts. this world is way way to serious anyway and it was good to have a smile and a laugh in the morning before i had to hear all the bad news that is in the rest of the news and deal with grumpy people whose face would crack if they dared laugh.
    their show was more about fun than anyhting else.

    jillian, i miss you & your still the best!!

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    When I first started watching Good Day Live, I liked Jillian. But as time went on she became increasingly annoying. I actually like Debbie Matenopoulos, she's outspoken, but not irrating. I do miss Dorothy Lucey though.
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    I used to watch it, but have no idea whay as I found both Jillian and Dorothy intensely annoying.
    Dorothy's voice is so irritating to me and so is her constant name-dropping of minor celebs that she's had dinner with.
    You're chums with Harvey Levin, we get it. Enough woman!!

    I'm glad they both left because the interupting made the show close to unwatchable unless you just played it as white noise in the background.
    It certainly wasn't a show I could concentrate on because it was so disjointed.

    Debbie is marginally better than Jillian in that I don't feel she is so interested in self-promotion, but the interupting is still bad.

    I do like Arthel though.
    I think she's very classy and I was so sad for her when they were discussing her infidelity problem. Heartbreaking for her.
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    I never really figured out what happened. Jillian left, they would make little inside jokes but I never got the scoop. Then Dorothy left. What happened? I didn't even know the show was on, until the other night I caught it. It was after midnight.

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    I didn't mind Dorothy that much, but I couldn't stand the trashy Jillian. I'm not thrilled with Debbie, but she's definitely better than Jillian, and I do like Arthel. No one has mentioned Steve Edwards, whom I have always enjoyed watching.

    I'm glad I watched today as they had Terry O'Quinn from Lost on.

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    I started a petition to Save Good Day Live at petitiononline. It won't let me post the link. It's in the Entertainment & Media section. Then just search for Good Day Live.

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