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Thread: The Jury

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    I think it'll keep getting better too.... the plots'll get better, also up the road they can start pulling back some of the people that are on trial NOW .... like the kid who got jailed for shooting the gun last episode or the guy who got to go free in the second episode.

    The writers are awesome AND .... I noticed that the music is by one of my favorite groups... Blue Man Group! Yay! It can only be good!!

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    i missed the first ep, hope i can catch it next week. i thought the show looked interesting, i'll probibly at least give it a couple eps before i deside which bandwagon i will jump on

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    Watched the first eppy, missed the second, but you all said the second one was better than the first one. Anyone know if the show might be re-broadcasted?

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    Has anyone tried texting their vote? Good concept and I especially like the writers from Homicide.

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    I'm curious to see if any attorneys have watched and what they have to say about it. Are the jury instructions made clear? Does the jury follow the instructions and the verdict form? Are the viewers made aware of any other (lesser) charges for which they may convict?

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    That's a really good idea;having a lawyer on the thread to give us a better feel for the show although we'd probably drive them crazy with our questions. I didn't try to text in my message maybe next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Watches2MuchTV
    Watched the first eppy, missed the second, but you all said the second one was better than the first one. Anyone know if the show might be re-broadcasted?
    Fox is rebroadcasting both of these 2 episodes - I think it's Saturday (I did a search on my Tivo and it showed them being rebroadcast)

    As far as the show, I liked it. I liked the camera work and style of writing. I dig the concept, however, I'm not sure all juries act so hostile toward each other in the first few hours of deliberation! It's all for the drama.

    And as a Tough Crowd fan, to Patrice O'Neal as the rent-a-cop. It was funny to see him in that role.

    Also, both episodes had an "Orbach" in the credits - relation to Jerry? Possibly the other court guy that gives instructions to the jury?

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    I enjoyed both episodes (just got to watch them over the weekend), I figured out what happened in the first case, and was close on the second one.

    I served on a murder case once, and the jury was a trip. There was a lot of arguing going on in the jury room, people tend to get really heated.

    I hope the show doesn't get canceled, I enjoy these types of shows.
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    I watched episode 3 last night. I'm really warming up to this show. I had a harder time trying to decide on my verdict for this case than the first two.

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    I liked the show last night too Qboots - I think we get it a day early in Canada .. thats why no one else has posted yet today..

    did you get your verdict right?? I didn't

    Verdict #1 - I got it right
    Verdict #2 - I was wrong but I also didnt agree with the jury

    so I guess I'm 1 for 3 - ouch lol you dont want me on your jury
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