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Thread: 24(4th season)

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    24(4th season)

    I now it starts in January, but i can't wait! What do you think is going to be the main storyline of season 4? Some sub storylines?

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    No idea (last season was my first), but I'm definitely going through withdrawals.

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    My predictions;

    -The President will be a big part of National Security, CIA...something like that
    -Chase will get transfered to Washington, Kim won't go
    -Jack and the blonde girl from Season 2 will get together

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    I really can't wait either..

    I still stick by my prediction that Palmer's going to be working with CTU in some capacity...

    I also think they won't have next season that far in the future after season three... maybe half a year, max...

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    personally i think itd be awesome to see palmer and jack working side by side, the last time they even shared a scene together was way back in the first season i think. i dont know what they could do for the storyline, maybe link it back to max from the end of season 2?

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    What if they did it in the court room? Maybe Tony and the whole Treason thing. It could be intersting...

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    24 - Mysterious Characters - End of Season 2

    I am still unsure about Max, Mandy and that old man in the restaurant who appeared in the last episode of Season 2, and ideas about what they will be up to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets
    I also think they won't have next season that far in the future after season three... maybe half a year, max...
    I had the same thought. Maybe something will happen where Palmer decides to run for a second term after all. I think maybe they'll have Jack somewhere overseas, working undercover since they fired most of the cast that played the office agents.

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    AR Boy
    I think we're just going to see all that is going to happen from this season e.g Chase doing deskwork, Kim dealing with Angela, Almeida in jail etc.

    i think the next season will probably have something to do with John Keeler e.g a scam. Or David resigns before November.

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