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    Soul Food

    Did anyone see the series finale of "Soul Food" last night?

    I have always been a big fan of the show. I felt that the writing, acting and storylines were always exceptional.

    But last night's show - which was the series finale after 5 years on the air - was horribly handled.

    This was a show that expressed strong family values and interpersonal relationships without being preachy or unrealistic.

    So what do we get as a final send-off?

    Kenny and Maxine go to a casino - Kenny buys $1000 chips thinking they are $100 chips - within minutes Kenny correctly guess every winning number at rouluette and are soon up $20,000 - only to loose it all 5 minutes later and then leave the hotel/casino shouting curses - which no one - even casino security - seems to pay any attention to, they just let them yell and scream that the casino is corrupt. The next day they are driving home and Maxine needs to use the bathroom - and low and behold the "only" available public restroom is in the very same casino - gee. So Maxine takes her "last quarter" and plays a slot machine and - low and behold - she wins the $20,000 back - aw gee.

    Terry gets promoted to Managing Partner in Atlanta. Storms into the office - doing her best Heather Locklear in Melrose Place impersonation -and immediately fires the receptionist and reprimands a junior associate. Storms into the board room and says how she is going to turn the office around and everyone needs to be committed and work hard. What does she do then? She goes to lunch. Within 5 minutes an extremely good looking man hits on her with ridiculous dialog. Then - low and behold - a news crew just happens to show up with cameras and microphones to interview "typical hotel guests" - turns out he is a famous author of womens books. Terry's ex fiance just happens to see all of this on TV and hops to first plane to Atlanta and low and behold - just happens to arrive as Terry is getting into a taxi - drops to his knees and proposes - aw gee.


    The only decent story line was Bird, Lem and Ahmad.

    Terrible send off to an exceptional show.
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