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Thread: Six Feet Under

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    Oh man..I forgot about that movie,Lotus..I used to love it...

    Does anyone know what the song is that they are singing on the new Six Feet Under commercials? I am dying to know who sings that song because it has been stuck in my head for the past 2 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireStorm
    Me too...although I don't really understand why they're all in the supermarket, with Nate Jr. bagging groceries & Brenda on the outside looking in...... WTF?..
    I love the song that's played. ....wonder what it is.
    I finally saw the commercial. I don't have a head set here but, maybe this site can help with the music info.


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    Don't forget, new season starts tonight!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks eldee for the info.

    Good show tonight. I like how they're turning Rico into a bit of a bad boy this year. He's been a 'goody goody' for too long.
    Interesting 'bed scene' there with Nate & Brenda, I THINK I know what it meant. lol.

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    I love this show. Good episode. Ugh I hope Brenda and Nate arent going to get back together. I love James Cromwell! He's great as George!
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    Love this show...the commercial kinda creeped me out, but in a "I can't look away" kinda way.

    Nate is a mess!!! Claire is just totally being so mean to her baby's daddy...Brenda is doing the right thing to move on...Vanessa is going to kick Rico's ass...and Kieth is going to do David wrong...

    Damn!! gonna be a good season!!
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    Loved the premiere, of course. How funny was it when David, Keith and Claire all had to *hear* Ruth and George on their wedding night?

    I was almost in tears when Nate dumped Lisa's body out of that plastic bag, though.

    I'm VERY curious to see how Nate & Brenda's relationship is going to go this season.

    I got excited when I saw Russell come back, I loved him & Claire together, but I guess it is not to be

    Count me in as one who is glad Rico's character is evolving...I was tired of him as such a self-righteous little p****.

    It IS going to be a good season
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    What a great start to the season! I loved it! I couldn't pull myself away! I agree with previous posts and that Keith and David aren't going to last very well, but who knows! The noisy sex scene was hilarious! It plays on all our fears of hearing our parents actually doing something we know they have done, just never want to actually hear about it!
    Yup, with donuts!!

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    I'm missing so much! However, it sounds just as interesting and funny as ever.

    I saw part of the Mel Gibson movie, What Women Want. The daughter's boyfriend looks like that guy from Six Feet Under whose little brother died.

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    AJane, Lisa was played by Lily Taylor. She did a great job creating that character.

    This show is definately at the top of my list with The Sopranos and some select reality shows.

    The black humor is superior.

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