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Thread: Six Feet Under

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    I'm so glad this show is back on! Claire does look great this season I agree, I hope she gets away from Billy - I don't trust him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    I used to watch this on Showcase. Today I see that it's on The Movie Network, which I don't get. Did Showcase give up on it? I am not a happy camper right now.
    Showcase does the re-runs about a year after they are aired, if not more. New series were always strictly on The Movie Network just like the Sopranos.

    Great ep last night. Agreed that Claire looks great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane
    I'm sort of bummed they're turning Lisa's death into a murder plot. I think I preferred the mysterious we'll-never-know plotline...it was more in keeping with the mystical, spiritual aspect of the show. I miss Nate Sr. and Lisa's post-death visits.
    Janie, go to the Six Feet Under website, and you'll get snyopsis.

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    Thanks Lotus. I forgot that the HBO site has the episode synopsis.

    I love Claire and Billy together...they're both so squirrelly. I'm wondering which of the couples - Nate & Brenda, David & Keith, Claire & Billy, Rico & Vanessa, or Ruth & George - is going to get a happy ending when the series concludes this season...or if any of them will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gcjag
    Showcase does the re-runs about a year after they are aired, if not more. New series were always strictly on The Movie Network just like the Sopranos.
    Thanks! I still have hope!

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    I wonder if the writers will do an anti-Sex and the City thing and have all the couples break up and/or die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misscrispy
    I wonder if the writers will do an anti-Sex and the City thing and have all the couples break up and/or die.
    Who knows? Looks like Eric and his girl are going to break up on Entourage. Those HBO writers love romantic tension. I like Claire and Billy also.

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    I'm soooo happy that Six Feet Under finally started up again. I think it'll be a good last season. I like Claire & BIlly together actually, but I hope that she can ease back on the pot smoking a little bit during her "semester off". Looks like she'll do really well as a photographer too, looks like this season will be more about Claire.

    Wonder whatll end up happening with Frederico & Vanessa. I hope they find each other again, maybe fall in love with each other again on a more mature level, as they had been together since their teens....

    Anyways, looks like it'll be an intriguing last season of SFO

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    This used to be the hottest show on HBO it's first 3 seasons, then the looooooong hiatus and we get 4 in June. Now we hear this is the last season. It makes no sense to stop this show at only 5. There has got to be a story as to why they are ending such a popular series when there are so many more situations this family could experience. Certainly the writers have not run dry.

    It is hard to predict how they will end this. The smart money is on Rico mending his marriage for, at least, one happy closure. Billy flushing his meds signals Claire walking away from his craziness. That would be a good move, as well.

    I am done with Nate and Brenda trying to make it as a couple. Where is the love, connection, shared passion for crab cakes, anything, anything at all? Their union has little credibility. They are just too tortured. Since Georges daugher turned Nates head this would be a good bet for an exit. Makes sense since mental illness is in her genes. A moth to a flame.

    David and Keith will adopt and the mother is likely to want the baby back for a few episodes anyway. They will get to keep their daughter in the end.

    Ruth and George? This could go either way.

    Anyone have any guesses to what could happen?

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    Season 5: Thumbs Up

    IMO last season was really bad. It got to where I didn't care If I watched or not. This season is AWESOME. Love it. I've already watched the first two episodes of this season over and over (I have HBO on Demand) It's a shame SFU got cancelled, I'm really gonna miss it...

    From the preview for next week, it looks as if Nate is going to hook up with George's daughter. So much for Nate & Brenda's happily ever after. LOL. Those two are forever dysfunctional!

    A prediction about Billy--He's going to go off his meds (obviously) and end up hurting Claire in some way, perhaps a beating, then Nate is going to blow his top and go after Billy.

    Claire (Lauren Ambrose) has really lost weight. Wonder if she did that for the show or what? She does look great.

    Unlike last season, I look forward to each episode, and hate to see this series end!

    I think Nate (Peter Krause) is one of the most handsome men I've ever seen, BTW. I'm Gonna miss him!

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