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Thread: 24: Hour#24 12noon-1pm

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    I also found the finale anti-climactic. Best part was Jack amputating Chase's hand. It was probably a nice clean cut, good chance for re-attachment.

    I still can't figure out why Rabens hung around the subway station so long after he got off the train. It must have taken 5 minutes for CTU to realize they had the wrong guy and shut down the station. He could've been long gone by then. When he pulled out the knife and then Jack noticed him missing from the line, it only took him about 15 seconds to stab several cops, run up the stairs, and hijack a car.

    And I'm pretty sure he's dead. I think it was some of the other couriers that Jack was called to interrogate.

    Nice to see Jack's human after all. Looking forward to next season already. Maybe David can get a job with CTU.

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    Palmer has demonstrated he can stay up all night. That's the main job qualification, isn't it?

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