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Thread: 24: Hour#22 10:00am - 11:00am

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    24: Hour#22 10:00am - 11:00am

    ON “24” TUESDAY, MAY 11, ON FOX

    Jack uses Saunders’ daughter as leverage to prevent more of the virus from being released. Meanwhile, with Michelle’s life in danger, Tony decides to take matters into his own hands in the episode “Day 3: 10:00 AM–11:00 AM” Tuesday, May 11 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TWF-322) (TV-14; V)

    Cast: Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, Dennis Haysbert as President David Palmer, Elisha Cuthbert as Kimberly Bauer, Reiko Aylesworth as Michelle Dessler, Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida, James Badge Dale as Chase Edmunds.

    Guest Cast: DB Woodside as Wayne Palmer, Penny Johnson Jerald as Sherry Palmer, Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe, Paul Blackthorne as Stephen Saunders, Zachary Quinto as Adam Kaufman, Alexandra Lydon as Jane Saunders, Geoff Pierson as Sen. Keeler, Kevin Fry as Kevin, Shawn Woods as Frederick, Mark Rolston as Bruce Foxton

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    Wow, that jet/helicopter scene was awesome.

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    So, Jack has Saunders in custody now, right? And Saunders daughter. But they can't kill Saunders, cause he knows where the vials are.

    So why did they blow up a helicopter he could've been in, if they don't wanna kill him?

    And good for Michelle, escaping like that, then following orders and going back. You know Tony wouldn't have followed orders

    And next week looks like Tony is in some serious trouble!

    I love this show.

    Oh, Chloe is still annoying as hell, but she had a point about Chase....

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    they blew up the chopper because it looked realllllllllllllllllly cool - but that doesn't explain that bit of a plot snafu does it?

    Looks like next week Jack goes back to being a badboy with dragging that poor girl into the building (which I don't buy by the way),

    Yay Tony in trouble (first two seasons I liked him, this season I've got him in the whiner category of my character list).

    And remind me what point Chloe has - sigh - must go back and rewatch on tivo while not distracted.

    And will someone just reach out and smack the tar out of Sherry please. Just once?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleuth
    And remind me what point Chloe has - sigh - must go back and rewatch on tivo while not distracted.
    That Kim's dreaming if she thinks Chase will ever leave CTU.

    Bravo Michelle!
    And the fighter jet scene was cool.

    My biggest complaint is why did they need Michelle to get recaptured? She was phoning them from the compound where Saunders was. Why didn't they just surround that place? There was no guarantee he would show up at the exchange for Michelle & Jane. In fact I'm surprised he did. He could have just sent his men.

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    Yeah Chase isn't going to leave - he's Jack Jr and he lives for this stuff.

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    Hmm, maybe it would've taken too long for Chase's team to get to the compound where Michelle was?

    When she told them she was on Wilshire, all I could think about was the movie, "Volcano," and that's where the lava was flowing

    Sherry? WTH? I guess this is just revenge, eh? Why doesn't the Pres just call the sheriff and say he made a mistake. Claim temporary insanity, then Sherry would go to jail. Worst he would get was obstructing the investigation, but only a little.

    This guy who is supposed to "take care of the problem" for the Pres, I have a feeling he's no match for Sherry

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    Another GREAT episode! Loved the helicopter/jet scene and was happy, but shocked, that Michelle is back safe. I don't disagree with what Tony did - he would not sacrifice his wife, good for him. I was surprised that the daughter turned back. I think the previews showing Jack ordering the daughter into the building was priceless... but Saunders did say he would sacrifice his daughter. Just seems very cruel kinda like the Chappelle murder thing. Still can't get over that one. The President has an easy out... just tell the police that he temporarily withheld info while dealing with a crisis of major proportions but he's ready to reveal info now that crisis is over. (at the last episode). His brother just keeps getting him into hot water. There is his mistake!!

    Love love 24! Hoping Jack is around (Kiefer that is) for another season!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Livvy
    His brother just keeps getting him into hot water. There is his mistake!!
    Bring back Mike Novick! Wayne is nothing but trouble.

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    Awesome episode last night, indeed. I loved Michelle's escape, she rocked!

    I feel kind of sorry for the actress who plays Sherry Palmer. If other people feel like I do, then she probably has rocks thrown at her when she walks down the street.
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