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Thread: 7th Heaven

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    Does anyone know if they're going to be recasting Ashlee Simpson, or will she be making some guest appearances.

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    i stopped watching the show after Wilson left...ah andrew keegan

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonasIsTheMan
    i stopped watching the show after Wilson left...ah andrew keegan

    lol......yeah he was cute!!

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    I havent watched this show since the season before last.

    I did read transcripts of last season. It sucked to me!

    But the season premiere was yesterday and i missed.
    It was when the family found out he lost his viginity.
    It took him THAT long?

    Anyway, they got rid of the boring characters, so that makes me happy!
    Chandler and Rosanne.

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    Well I watched the season premiere last night, and it didn't really show Simon doing anything with his new girlfriend, besides kissing, but it implied that they were doing something or about to... Ruthie started her first day of high school, she's so cute but so tiny! I'm glad they got rid of the Roxanne character, she just plain annoyed me :rolleyes I also don't see a point of keeping the Martin character around either he doesn't really do much....Matt is back, which is great, I hope they bring back Mary (Jessica Biel).

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    who is martin??

    Thanks for the recap.
    The part about simon having sex must be coming up soon, i read it on the wb website.

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    FROM WB:

    Simon (David Gallagher) is reluctant to talk to Eric (Stephen Collins) and Annie (Catherine Hicks) about his relationship with Georgia (guest star Rheagan Wallace). However, he eventually drops the bomb that they are having sex and that he's currently on academic probation for skipping classes to be with her. Meanwhile, Simon's situation helps Eric realize that the church should teach teens the importance of abstinence and he asks Lucy (Beverley Mitchell) to lead a class on the subject; Lucy and Kevin (George Stults) learn the sex of their baby, and Lucy starts to question her ability to be a good mother; Matt (Barry Watson) is worried that Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) is still broken-hearted over Cecilia and will tell her about Simon's new relationship with Georgia.

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    That synopsis was from an old show last season. The new season started this past Monday. Peter and Cecilia are both gone. On Monday's episode, Ruthie embaressed herself and Martin by pulling down his pants in front of a hallway full of students. The twins hit someone in kindergarten (or something not very nice). Simon appears to be having sex with some new girl Georgia that he's been secretly seeing all summer and Matt's back but Lucy feels like he's only around to play messenger for Kevin who doesn't want to share with her. This is just the pregnancy hormones running on overdrive. I hope I'm not that bad when I get pregnant.
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    Do you think the show will be good this season?

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    Well 7th Heaven is a guilty pleasure of mine, so I'm biased and to me it's always good (with exception of a few episodes here and there)!

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