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Thread: Friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elle
    The ending was predictable but really satisfying. I would have been really upset if Ross and Rachel didn't end up together. Friends to me was and still is the best show on TV. I am really going to miss the show.
    That's kind of how I feel. My schedule is so busy I haven't really been able to follow any sitcoms in a while, but I have always loved Friends. I would take the time to sit and watch that show, if nothing else. VERY predictable end, but I too am glad Ross and Rachel ended up together. The prom episode is one of my all-time favorites, and I have always believed that Ross is Rachel's lobster!

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    I'm so upset it's ended and they haven't even aired the last episode yet! I'm really happy that Rachel and Ross ended up together, It was a fitting way to end the show. I'm going to miss watching the show, I've watched it since the beginning , even during the boring season. I enjoyed this season and it was a good last season to a great show.

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