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Thread: Scrubs question

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    Scrubs question

    This is my first time seeing any part of Scrubs, but are their apartment buildings (inside), the same as "Jack&Jill" (the WB series with Amanda Peet)?
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    i couldnt say for sure madonniac but it wouldnt be unlikely...many shows are filmed on studio lots and the same locations are used over and over...

    "Laverne & Shirley" was filmed on the same appt set as "The Odd Couple", "Married with Children" was filmed on the same house set as "All in the Family"...

    They just make some minor alterations

    The old "Munster" house was used many, many times as the "haunted house" in old black and white tv shows and movies.

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    We should put this in that stump John thread...let him figure it out

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