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Thread: 24: Hour #19 7:00am-8:00am

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    24: Hour #19 7:00am-8:00am

    "Day 3: 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM", Episode #319.
    Jack tries to get the upper hand in dealing with Saunders; agents hunt for a hotel guest who managed to escape.

    Cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Elisha Cuthbert, Dennis Haysbert, Carlos Bernard, Reiko Aylesworth, James Badge Dale, D.B. Woodside, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Patrick Fabian, Jenni Blong, Paul Blackthorne, Zachary Quinto, Alexandra Lydon, Alan Dale.
    Producer(s): Joel Surnow, Robert Cochran, Brian Grazer, Howard Gordon.

    Original Airdate: April 20, 2004.

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    Well, at least the "is chappelle alive?" question has been answered. HE'S DEAD.

    This week's episode was just ok, nothing really shocked me this time like last week.

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    I kept hoping that the Chappelle death was faked in order to track the van. Why did Chappelle have to be shot like that down on his knees with no dignity....? Couldn't he have taken one of those pills they are offering the infected folks at the hotel? It just seemed unnecessarily brutal to me....it seemed too calculated almost like they killed him that way for the sake of the shock effect to the viewer....
    Let us all bask in television's warm glowing warming glow. --Homer Simpson

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    John, if you're still boycotting this show, you should reconsider. First of all, Chappelle is dead. And half of Los Angeles is about to get infected with this virus. It's very exciting.

    A few things are bothering me and my cynical self though:

    1. They have probably been awake and at work for 24 hours. Did you see the high heels Kim was wearing on the way to the helicopter?? I keep a pair of tennis shoes in my desk for days like those. AND she still had lipstick on. That must be some good lipstick.

    2. Why in the world is the President still in LA?? I mean, the virus is out. Everyone's gonna get it. Woudln't they wanna protect him???

    3. Shouldn't people be freaking out cause the threat level is red or whatever. All the planes are grounded, and we don't know why. I know we haven't seen that many folks, but the ones at the pharmacy didn't look frazzled at all. Also, shouldn't the media be making up crazy stories by now?

    4. I still think Ramon infected Jack with the original virus when they were en route to Mexico. Jack is gonna start a nosebleed here soon.

    5. Is Saunders in LA? Knowing what he's inflicting on the population, you'd think he'd leave.

    6. One of the Cabinet members is Caleb from The O.C. Just thought I'd share.

    But aside from all that, I am LOVING this show!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stepscot
    Why did Chappelle have to be shot like that down on his knees with no dignity....? Couldn't he have taken one of those pills they are offering the infected folks at the hotel?
    Well they did need him dead and at the train station by a certain time. Maybe the pills would have taken too long. At the hotel Michelle said that you would feel like your falling asleep if you took a pill, but she never said how long it would take.

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    Didn't Saunders say he had to be "shot?"

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    I would think the pills would work pretty fast, or else they wouldn't do the field agents much good.

    Only 6 items on your list, Wenders? You must be tired.

    This is a virus. Smart terrorists wouldn't release a virus with a 100% mortality rate and rapid, uncontrollable transmission if there weren't a vaccine. It may be giving the writers too much credit, but Saunders should have been vaccinated.

    I didn't hear what Kim said when Jack caught up either her (and stupidly hadn't taped it). Either that Saunders knew or Saunders didn't know they had Jane. Any of you know that one?

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    Kim said "Saunders is gonna know we have his daughter."

    Oh, I thought of another one.

    7. Michelle isn't showing symptoms, yet everyone else at the hotel is. What is the likelihood that the CTU agent is the ONLY one immune to the virus?? I guess it figures...her husband is functioning with a bullet hole in his neck.

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    It would be really shocking if Michelle did die since Chapelle already died. I would bet on Jack dying more than Michelle.

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    I still don't think Chapelle is dead.

    I agree about many of the impracticalities of the show. After 18 hours or whatever it's been, no one would be wearing heels or have fresh makeup. The president wouldn't be in LA either. I'm not having that much trouble with Michelle not being sick yet. I don't think that everyone in the hotel has symptoms.

    That said, last night's episode was very exciting.

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