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Thread: ER - Emergency Room

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    Re: ER - Emergency Room

    I haven't seen those yet. Are they on DVD?

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    Re: ER - Emergency Room

    Quote Originally Posted by 2boysmom;3409690;
    I haven't seen those yet. Are they on DVD?
    Yes they are. They air on TNT as well as they are made for TV movies by TNT. I think Noah Wylie is the executive producer and he's also the star. He's kind of like Indiana Jones except he's a major nerd Bob Newhart and Jane Curtain are really funny in the movies too and Olympia Dukakis plays his mom. I think you'll like them.
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    Re: ER - Emergency Room

    Guys just a heads-up, I was reading something on AOL and saw that Julianna Marguiles, Maura Tierney AND Sherry Stringfield have all been cast on different new shows set to pilot, I think, in the fall. It was one of those stories within a story, generated by pop-up (ugh) like stupid AOL likes to do, so I can't even get back to it without reading a bunch of other nonsense, let alone give you a link. Sorry.

    Julianna will be on a show called "The Good Wife," on CBS. She'll play a defense attorney/politician's wife, according to a site called The Celebrity Cafe dot com. (Don't know if I'm allowed to link there.)

    Maura will stay on NBC in "Parenthood," based on the Steve Martin movie. She'll play a single mom.

    I couldn't find any news elsewhere about Sherry being in a pilot, but IIRC, it will be on CBS.

    I know that's not a lot of info, but I was excited to read this stuff and thought fellow ER fans would want to know to watch out for more news at some point between now and the fall ... .
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    Re: ER - Emergency Room

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