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Thread: Victoria's Secret to Drop TV Fashion Show

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    Victoria's Secret to Drop TV Fashion Show


    I am pretty angry about this article. I love the show. i don't know if this is ok to post here, but i consider it a current event
    Apr 10, 9:56 PM EST

    Victoria's Secret is dropping its nationally televised fashion show this year, at least partly because of criticism following Janet Jackson's breast-baring faux pas at the Super Bowl.

    Ed Razek, chief creative officer for the Columbus-based lingerie chain, said Saturday the main reason for the decision was so the company can look at new ways to promote the brand. Still, he said, "We had to make the decision probably six to eight weeks ago when the heat was on the television networks."

    The announcement came less than three months after the Jackson uproar and a week after federal regulators proposed $495,000 in fines against Clear Channel Communications for sexual material on the Howard Stern show.

    The televised fashion show has generated criticism in the past from groups complaining about supermodels strutting down the runway in skimpy underwear.

    A message left Saturday at the New York office of CBS, which has televised the show the past two years, was not immediately returned.

    Olga Vives, vice president of the National Organization for Women, praised the cancelation, saying the show only objectifies women.

    "We're concerned young women think they have to look this way," Vives said, adding she hoped the cancelation is permanent.

    "There are many other ways to promote their product."

    The fashion show, which aired in November the last two years, was televised on ABC in 2001.

    The first show was broadcast online in 1999; 1.5 million visitors tried to log on at once, bringing the site down within 20 minutes.

    Victoria's Secret has $4 billion in annual sales.

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    i have no problem with the show. the women in the show are models and its their choice to be in the show. and about young woomen thinking that they HAVE to look like a model is a bunch of bull, its like they are not giving us any credit and think we are all just sheep. I have seen WAY worst on regualar shows than models modelling underwear. Oh no we better ban ads in ALL magazines i guess, at least from their frame of thinking.

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    Where the only way i can see it is go to the site and watch it or try and get invited.
    i guess it just going to be a regular fashion that they can't make a big deal of.
    only the exclusive get invited. How do i become exclusive..

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