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Thread: Farscape To Return to SciFi (Kinda)

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    Farscape To Return to SciFi (Kinda)

    Farscape has been picked up by SciFi for a 2 episode Miniseries to wrap up the lose ends left at the end of the final season, as well as the pending war of the Peacekeepers.


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    I was and am part of the campaign to bring Farscape back, and let me just say that we're not letting up. There's still an ongoing plan to urge SciFi to bring the series back for another season, a chance that's looking up as negotiations continue for the sale of SciFi to Vivendi (which owns NBC).

    The actors have all said they'd be back if asked and the writers and creators are on board too. Ben Browder will very soon be appearing in a movie about Lee Majors and one starring C. Thomas Howell called "The Killer Within," and he did a pilot for a series on the History Channel about great warriors.

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    Farscape: The Peacekeeper War

    Thought I'd revive an old thread to remind Farscape fans about the two-part miniseries airing this Sunday. It runs over two days.

    Where: SCIFI channel
    When: Part 1 - Sunday, Oct. 17, 9 to 11 PM, ET
    Part 2 - Monday, Oct. 18, 9 to 11 PM, ET

    According to their schedule, they will rebroadcast Part 1 twice right after it premieres on Sunday (11 PM & 1 AM), then again at 7 PM on Monday right before Part 2 airs. Part 2 then repeats at 11 PM & 1 AM. Plenty of opportunities to watch.

    Synopsis (from SCIFI.com):

    Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars will continue the adventures of astronaut John Crichton and his intergalactic comrades. Newly engaged and expectant parents John Crichton (Ben Browder) and Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) have been chased around the galaxy and have fallen in love, and now all they want is for their baby to be born and live in peace. However, they will first have to survive an all-out galactic war between the Scarrans and the Peacekeepers as well as the myriad outlandish and unexpected surprises that have become the hallmark of this award-winning series.

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