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Thread: Wonderfalls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mdrio9
    The funniest part was at the end when the dad was reading the article. "..and a sister, 35..."
    That had me rolling! I especially loved "But I'm not 35!" Too funny!

    I was so happy I caught the premiere when they replayed it, and was able to catch the second episode. I really liked the premiere, especially since she questioned her own sanity. I would too!

    I didn't like the second episode quite as much as the first, but it still entertained me more than most shows, so I'll definitely watch it this week. Or tape it, since it's on during the *worst* time slot (Friday nights! augh!).

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    I really like this show because it's offbeat funny. I'm looking forward to the next episode. The second episode did seem off, but it was because it was not in the order it was filmed as someone mentioned earlier. Still, we got to see more of Jaye's family and her interaction with them, which makes up for the discontinuity.

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    This show is so quirky that I love it. From the previews I thought it was going to be a cheap knock-off of Joan of Arcadia (which I love), but a few minutes into the first episode I was relieved to see how original and off-beat it was. In JOA, most all of the characters are likeable for one reason or another, and you actually care about what happens to them. You don't really care much about any of the characters in Wonder Falls--even Jaye--and it doesn't seem to matter. It's a little like Seinfeld. You don't really like the characters--they're whiny, petty, neurotic, etc., but you're fascinated by what they do and what happens to them. You feel a little better about your own life and problems after seeing how totally screwed up those people are.

    Jaye and company are a little like that. She's not really someone you'd like to have as a best friend, but you are interested in what happens to her. She's a slacker, an underachiever, not much good with customers--or at her job in general, lives in a trailer (not hooked up to anything and symbolically going nowhere ), but you still can't wait to see what bizarre thing happens next. The fact that at age 24 I also had a degree in Philosophy and worked at a job equivalent to what she's doing probably doesn't have anything to do with my fascination with her and the show. Nooooooooo. Not one bit.
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    Tonight's episode was pretty funny. That "lazy whore" line had me rolling.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    I thought tonight's episode was pretty random. I mean, this nun just ends up there and allows the priest to find his daughter. I thought it was funny how the objects were all singing together in the beginning. And...it all helped Eric move on from his past, which is always a good thing. I also thought it was funny how the family waited eagerly for Jaye as she hurried to her car before she had to go to church with them.

    Bloonman, haven't seen you around in quite a while. Hey there!

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    This was my first time watching this show and I have to say I liked it. (Friday nights... why? I'm not even bothering anymore, it's FOX.)
    I'm so proud of Caroline Dhavernas (the girl that plays Jaye) I used to watch this show she was in, way back when she was very young. Not that she's old now.

    Thanks to the little objects singing "99 bottles of beer", it's stuck in my head and I can't get rid of it. Thank you, little creepy talking objects.

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    Great episode although it was less sarcastic but more sentimental. I liked the cute, talking penguin. Jaye's parents are a riot. I love them tonight suggesting another intervention.

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    Can someone tell me the name of the 2nd artist that they mentioned after the show? I really liked the music by whoever it was.

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    I was so happy to see the talking lion back.

    Bloonman, interesting comparison to the characters in Seinfeld. I think you're right. I do really like the bartender, though.
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    I posted this in the Forever Eden thread as well. Wonderfalls will be moving to thursdays beginning April 1st while Forever Eden will be taking the time slot on friday held by Wonderfalls.

    What cracked me up was that FOX said that Wonderfalls didn't do so well in its friday time slot. Yeaaaaahhhhhh....like thursday's at 9pm is gonna do it any better.

    What a bummer...I looked forward to the friday lineup.
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