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Thread: Third Watch Will Return On April the 9th.

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    Third Watch Will Return On April the 9th.

    Third Watch is on hiatus right now. It will return on the 9th of April with the remaining five episodes of this season. NBC will play all of them in a row. The season finale is the 7th of May. Enjoy!!!!

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    Thanks for the info Robert!! I was getting bummed and just too lazy to investigate
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    Thank heavens! I need my fix (of new shows - I already watch the A&E repeats!).

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    Flat out forgot!

    Since NBC has done nothing but jack around with this show and when it airs.... I completely forgot it was coming back on "again"... is there anywhere that actually recap's the show? I missed tonights episode and would like to know what happen... Since NBC has seen it way clear to actually show a NEW show finally... it makes me wonder if they ran out of reruns of Law & Order.... to bump Third Watch with...

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