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Thread: Alias - "The Frame" - 03/28

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    Poor Sydney.

    Poor Vaughn. He's really going to take the news hard. And to think... he chose the enemy over Sydney.

    P.S. The next new episode is in two weeks.
    I thought we were going to get all new episodes with no breaks for the rest of the season! What happened?

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    Vaughn is such a wuz for caving in at going back to Lauren. Console her but don't go back to her, you idiot!!!

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    When are Syd and Vaughn going to get back together? Poor Vaughn did not choose a good wife!

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    my daughter said that in addition to "in two weeks" it's also going to be on at a different time. Did anyone else catch that or was she hearing things?

    this show drives me crazy waiting for it each week.

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    Yes, next Sunday it will be on at 10/9central apparently.
    I couldn't believe this episode! Every time I think I have an idea of what JJ Abrams is going to do, he flips the world on me. AKA giving Lauren a human side (when she couldn't shoot Sen. Reed), making me actually SYMPATHIZE, something I thought would never happen.
    I thought the actress who played her mom was...rather unconvincing. I think they could have cast someone better

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    Thanks sacrelicious .... I'll reset my VCR to the new time. I refuse to miss it -- so even if I plan to be home; I've got the timer ready to tape the show!!

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    Hey all - I just got home from a week away and got to rewind my tape and watch ALIAS!!! Yay! I actually pined for it while I was gone...

    Did anyone else think it was a tad odd that the CIA automatically took the bait on the suicide? The mother was standing over him, so the bullet would have entered going down and probably at some angle (as in, not straight on), whereas if he had committed suicide, the bullet would probably enter going up and straight on. It's so unlike the writers of this show to take the easy way out like that.

    Why do we have to wait two weeks......????? WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


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