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Thread: Third Watch - "Family Ties" - 02/27

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    Third Watch - "Family Ties" - 02/27

    02-27-2004 10:00PM

    BOSCO SUSPICIOUSLY EYES SOBERED-UP BROTHER WHO OFFERS TIP IN DEADLY ECSTASY TURF WAR -- When Bosco's (Jason Wiles) trouble-prone brother professes to be drug-free yet offers him a tip on a murderous turf war between rival Ecstasy dealers, the officer teams with rehabilitated former partner Yokas (Molly Price) to bust up an operation fronted by an unlikely religious sect -- a major coup that irritates ambitious Officer Cruz (Tia Texada). Meanwhile, in the wake of the firehouse shooting, a psychiatrist (guest star Susan Dey) who interviews an uneasy Kim (Kim Raver) and Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) for any lingering after-effects makes some startling evaluations. Coby Bell, Bonnie Dennison, Chris Bauer and Skipp Sudduth also star. Patti D'Arbanville guest-stars..

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    "Irritates" and "Cruz" in the same sentence is definitely something I want to hear. Yay!

    Wow, I'm surprised the writers are putting Faith and Bosco back together and in such a scenariop so quickly . . . Must be an apology of sorts to people who're ready for her to come back, so they can see her in action. Good call.

    "Startling evaluations between Kim and Carlos?" Can that get any more obvious and rather cliche'd? If I'm right, I'm gonna be howling, I don't care how close to eleven it'll be. This is going to be the most hilarious thing these guys're gonna try 'n' pull off.

    Either that, or maybe they both wanted to kill this reaper-dude in the first place. *snickers* Now wouldn't that be somethin'.

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    Oh well (and nypd1441, you'll agree with me), we have to see Cruz again. It's been a nice break.

    Susan Dey? I wonder if she'll arrive in a multi-color bus.

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