Shiri has been in a couple of movies on ABC Family: "Pizza My Heart", "Everything You Want". Majandra did "Celeste in the City" for ABC Family. Jason has done "Skin Walkers", as scifi movie due out soon and also "D-Wars". Brendan has been on CSI regularly for the past 13 or so episodes. Colin of course was in "King Kong". And then Katie, who has had the most successfull career, was in "Love Comes Softly", "Love's Enduring Promise" both on Halmark; she was in "The Ringer" and of course "Grey's Anatomy". Oh and now all three seasons of Roswell are on dvd but they have changed some of the original music because of rights or something. I guess I'm kinda a nerd for knowing all this but I keep up w/all of them, it is my fav show ever! lol