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Thread: Third Watch Story

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    Third Watch Story

    Some background: In my daughter's preschool, last October there was a girl who contracted bacterial menangitis. It was frightening for all involved, as the child was near death. She's currently still in the hospital and she had to have a hand and both feet amputated. It's a long road, but she is alive and that's more than they thought.

    So, I was talking to the director of the school last night and we were talking about some fund raisers they are doing. She mentioned that one of the dad's in the class works for Third Watch (not an actor, but I'm not sure what he does). He posted flyers around and asked for donations and right now in our fund alone we have $8,000. Now some of that is from the school and the parents, but some of it is from the Third Watch family. They also donated a new small fridge for her room in the rehab center which they said if she can't use, they want it raffled off for her.

    You never hear stories like this - you always hear the bad in people. I was so touched to hear that

    (and on a selfish note, I MUST find out what he does!!)

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    Wow! What a touching story. It is always nice to hear about the good in people. I can not even imagine the long road that girl has ahead of her.
    It occurred to me that no matter how bleak things might seem at times, at least I have a head. ----Stargazer

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    Now that is amazing, both from a fandom and altruistic standpoint. I didn't think you lived in Ney York marybeth -- or maybe I forgot that you did. Do pardon my mental faus pax.

    But-wow, amazing. Absolutely amazing. I'm speechless otherwise.

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