9:30pm 09/24/02 ALL NEW!

From the official site :

PAULA MARSHALL AND JUSTIN LOUIS STAR IN COMEDY ABOUT THE 'BURBS -- The wild, sexy and funny side of the suburbs is explored in "Hidden Hills," an off-center new comedy that follows the eye-opening adventures of two suburban couples -- Doug (Justin Louis) and Janine Barber (Paula Marshall), and Zack (Dondré T. Whitfield) and Sarah Timmerman (Tamara Taylor). With parental and professional responsibilities constantly colliding, Doug is frustrated by the quality of his sex life with wife Janine -- a problem that's exacerbated when Doug sees commercials explaining how to enhance a woman's sex drive -- and is constantly reminded of Zack and Sarah's exciting romantic activities. However, Doug really gets into trouble when his suburban reverie is disturbed with fantasies about Belinda (Kristin Bauer) -- a gorgeous, newly arrived single mother with an adult Website who also co-coaches kids baseball with him, much to the chagrin of a jealous Janine. TV-14