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Thread: Bands Reunited on VH-1

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    Bands Reunited on VH-1

    Maybe it's because I'm a product of the 80's, but I am LOVING this new series on VH-1. I was thrilled Kajagoogoo got back together to sing. I actually thought they sounded great. (You know, I'm dating myself here, but I was a huge Limahl fan and was so pissed when he was booted from Kajagoogoo. I remember calling Nick Beggs "Nick Beg(g)s for Fans". The things you do when you're 14).

    I've also watched Frankie Goes to Hollywood (boo hiss on Holly) and a Flock of Seagulls.

    After these initial 10 bands (looking forward to seeing "The Alarm" - I loved them), any suggestions on who you would like to see?

    I would love to see The Cars and The Fixx.

    I like this show! And I like the host, Ameer.

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    Saw the Kajagoogoo show too, found this to be an interesting show. Watched the Extreme one tonight, that was a no-go, but they got 2 of the four to agree. Tommorow night is Dramarama... I never heard of them, but I was working overseas during most of the 80's so hard to keep up with the bands back home. I consider myself a product of the 70's-80's cause I was 17 in 75 but didn't calm down till 89 or so
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    Somebody else is watching along with myself and texicana!! I've seen them all so far...Berlin, Frankie, Flock of Seagulls, Romeo Void, Kajagoogoo, and yep even Klymaxx, and Extreme. I had no intentions of watching either Klymaxx or Extreme, but I'm totally suckered into the series and had to complete it.

    Berlin is a personal favorite of mine cause I was SO into them "back in the day". I got all teary eyed with them, and that was just the first show!

    Romeo Void was a really good one...to be honest I wasn't even sure I knew who they were until the show started and then I was like OHHH I liked those songs!! They were shunned a lot by the industry because of their singers looks and had a sad twist to their current story with a band mate who is now unable to play due to hearing loss. 2nd teary eyed episode for me.

    Flock of Seagulls was pretty interesting because of the bad family relations within the band thing. Good ending to a long bit of bad blood, way cute that Mom was in the audience to watch her boys.

    Frankie Goes to Hollywood was a surprise for me. I'd gotten it in my head that Holly Johnson had passed away Not quite sure where I'd gotten it from, so it was a nice surprise just to see him. Shame they didn't play, but I'd already read a spoiler that 2 of the bands were a no go for it so I wasn't too shocked.

    Last comments will go to my favorite episode so far...Kajagoogoo. Honestly I really wasn't into them when I was younger, they were ok and all but I was too engrossed in Duran-mania to pay too much mind. They have DEFINITELY aged very well and sounded just amazing!! They are the one band that I think might actually be able to make something out of this show and think about making a go of things again. Seems that the old wounds have had a chance to heal with a lot of time and they now are mature enough to move past the past and into the future. When Limahl got all teary eyed on stage that started it for me and I turned into a sappy viewer for the third time.

    I've seen the bands that I was really looking forward to of this series already, but Squeeze should be interesting, I always liked them...just not as much as say Berlin, which was the hook to get me watching in the first place.

    Marybeth...another place I've been reading about the show says that the Fixx reunited last year and put out an album I'm honestly not sure, but can just pass that along, so they're probably out if they do another set of these shows.

    Others I'd like to see....hmmmm....Spandau Ballet and Thompson Twins come to mind but I'm sure there's more.

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    Heh, me and Libra have been discussing this series since it started airing! I didn't bother to watch Extreme, how lame were *they* the first time around. It was a waste of air time to try and reunite them. My favorite was Kajagoogoo...those guys still looked and sounded good.
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    Kajagoogoo was freaking hilarious when the lead singer said he had to go online and download his lyrics.
    But i, too am suckered into this show, but i don't understand why they did extreme, they broke up in 96, not like the mid-80's for some of these bands. It didn't really fit.
    i want them to do another season, but i don't see the purpose of havingthem airing episodes each night. Come tommorow with the failure in squeeze, there's nothing left. Had they spread it out over two months or so would've been nice.

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