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Thread: "Passage, Part 1" 12/01

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    Man, someone sure has a set of balls, giving Sloane the finger, they should have gave him a hand to help him find them.......give him a hand, god i crack myself up at times....... maybe i shouldn't be drinking as I type this?

    love the part of the family that shoots together, scoots together

    got to agree. give me lena running around in the bra anyday of the week. Thats one hot looking mama!

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    Originally posted by duckgirl
    "Sydney, my father gave me this watch and I want to sex your monkey."
    Wouldn't that have saved some time?
    That was an ackward moment. Vaughn needs to just tell her and keep beating around the bush. Of course, that's not gonna happen. They'll drag this story as much as they can.

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