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Thread: ER 02/05 - "Get Carter"

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    FORT Fogey veejer's Avatar
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    In the wake of the Janet Jackson incident, some NBC affiliates might not air this show as there is a shot of an elderly patient's breast.

    CNN story here: http://money.cnn.com/2004/02/04/news...c_er/index.htm

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    oh pahleze! there's a big difference between a medical situation at 10pm and a simulated violent attack at 5pm. :rolleyes

    Thanks for the link veejer
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    SB: "Is that possible? A bullet travelling from your leg to your heart?"
    SB's doc boyfriend: "Highly, highly, highly unlikely; probably impossible; but fun for ER."

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    They *blurred* it out!! Ha! Kneejerk reactions to Janet. Pathetic.
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