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Thread: Sex and the city

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    I am so incredibly addicted to this show. I swore not to watch it while it was on air and so popular. Now that it's off air I watch it religiously. Some day it's on 5 times a night (different episodes). I love it cuz 3 of my bestfriends are just like Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte and I write like Carrie. Im sure every girl can relate to a character.

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    OMG I caught an episode of the TBS version of this after "The Real Gilligan's Island" (yeah, I was watching it willingly ) and it is SO edited within an inch of its life. It seemed so severely truncated, I suppose because they can only show like half the footage of the original HBO series. If you didn't catch this on cable first, make sure you rent it on DVD if you'd like to see the content of the show in its entirety.
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    On Saturday I was at work, and there were a few customers in the store. This family was in there, and the mom was looking at this rubber duck faucet cover that we sell:

    She said, "I saw this on Sex & the City." I said, "Oh yeah, on the finale, where Miranda's bathing her mother." My boss and the other customers chimed in, "Oh yeah, I remember that!" That was a surreal moment, especially since it came about an hour after my boss and I talked about the show.

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    just wanted to remind everyone that season 6 part 2 came out today - we picked up the first disc but haven't started it yet.

    still can't believe it's over...
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    I'm watching it again in reruns. I don't care what people say about it being elitist, or there being reverse sexism or Whatever, it's an intelligent show, I love all the characters (except Carrie who I find incredibly annoying with her hair tosses, her wierd aren't I sexy walk and just her total minxy in love with herself thing) (really hope SJP isn't like this, a real person like this would be too annoying for words). My favourite storyline is Miranda and Steve (Steve is such a mensch! Can I trade my husband for Steve? Do real men like this exist?), though Charlotte after her conversion is pretty good too.

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