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Thread: CBS sets out to ruin a good thing with CSI: New York

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    Well, I *might* watch an episode of it. After all, ya gotta have that hometown pride....

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    I can't stand David Caruso either. I wonder who'll be the lead actor in this one. For me, the cast is the deciding factor.

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    Random Thoughts...

    *UGH! I'm really beginning to think these execs do not poll television viewers on what we want to watch (no surprise)

    *I'll watch the first one, with hopes that the assembled cast are no-names

    *Never watched CSI:Miami--Caruso is not very fun to watch

    *This is beginning to remind me of all those Dateline shows that were on every night of the week--after a while it gets really boring!

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    I only watch CSI:M when it's the only thing on and I have nothing to read, work on or anyone to talk to. With this crapola shoving of Sara and Grissom together, I don't even watch the original as much as I used to, but there's nothing else on Thursday nights.

    I'll probably watch the first one or so, it depends on the cast. I don't necessarily want no-names, but I don't want to see actors whose own personalities overshadow their characters or if the writers give the characters those idiotic personality "quirks" they think are so interesting (Horatio the hands-on-hips-at-all-times unless he's staring off into space or tilting his head man, Callie the ballistics babe with the first five buttons on her shirt undone and as said before, the freaky ME who has some really scary sexual/possessive thing going on with the dead bodies she examines).

    About a week ago I finally broke down and watched a couple of episodes of LO:SVU and was pleasantly surprised to find I liked it. I think I'd watched it once when they had that woman detective with the fake blonde frizzy hair (she was replaced by Ice-T) on it and I just couldn't stand her. I don't watch the original anymore because of that Serena character and I'll be happier watching LO:CI now that Eames is back this week.

    But to get back on topic, yes, CBS (and Bruckheimer) is running a good idea straight into the trash can. It's the throw all the crap you can against the wall and see what sticks approach also exemplified by that hideously awful Navy:NCIS garbage show that spun off of JAG. I want to watch the show for Michael Weatherly's character, but Mark Harmon's makes me ill every time. Someone tell the writers that making your leading man an enormous butthead is counterproductive to ratings.

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    Wow, I'll bet William Peterson is f'ing pissed. I remember reading an article about how mad he was when CSI:M came out.

    I watched half of a CSI:M episode once. It was crap. I have no intention of watching some crappy New York rip-off spin-off. The thing that makes CSI so special is the cast and characters. If there are no Gil, Catherine, Warrick, Nick, Greg, or Capt Brass - it's not CSI. It's just another in a long line of cop shows that won't be appearing on my television screen.

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    We watched an episode of CSI:M last season just to see if it was still crap, and it was. The absence of a Capt. Brass-type figure is a HUGE issue with that show. But, worst of all, David Caruso drives every little thing that happens in that show. Need a scrap of evidence at the stadium? Caruso finds it. Something happening down at the dock? Oh, Caruso just happened to speed across town and deal with it. Tension aboard an inbound drug plane from Cartajena? Oh-HO! Caruso is crawling in through the cargo hatch.

    Give me a break. Let all the characters propel the story naturally. Don't rely on one guy and a bunch of faceless, interchangeable knuckleheads.

    I won't watch CSI:NY, either, and I hope it doesn't taint the viewership for the original.
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    I just discovered the original CSI. I would never watch Miami simply because I really don't care for David Caruso all that much. But I might give NY a shot....mostly because its NY, and there are bound to be some interesting stories. Plus it sounds like they might shake things up with a "twist to set the series apart". You never know.

    BTW, John, I'd love to meet your new friend Stacy!
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    I gave the pilot for CSI: Miami a shot; that was okay. I don't remember much of it. Later episodes I deemed too wierd for my tastes. CSI, SVU, CI, and Third Watch are about all I can take.

    Duxxy, how can you not like the CI male lead?! He's got that ADHD/ADD-thing goin' on . . .! At least, he acts like the Character does . . .

    Anyway, I'm willing to give any sort of CSI: NY a shot too. Third Watch is taped there man. I'm not dreaming of any crossovers, but New York is just plain cool. There's Gargoyles, Law & Order, Third Watch . . .

    Speaking of all this . . . I was wrapping up a sale for a customer at my bookstore and she had a couple PD-books as part of her pruchase. Curious, I politely asked what they were for (smartly-worded questions generate a "We love the customer" basis, booyah). She said she was doing research in hopes of pushing either some CSI or Boomtown'ish shows to "various networks;" I distinctly remember her saying she hoped to get a CSI of sorts for LA.

    Like haejin said, hometown pride babee. LA's better get recognized, yo!

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    I love all 3 L&O programs, but hate CSI Miami. The sequel thing so rarely works. Quit while you're ahead, CBS.

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