I've heard that Jimmy's actor is slated to leave -- but as I've upheld, writers're pickin' a wierd thing to intro.

Ooh! I remember somethin' that kindah irked me. This uniform guy, obviously "old-school," who gets offended when Sully asks him for ID. To me, it's the same story as the customer who wouldn't show me photo ID after presenting to me a creditcard for payment. It's a question that has to be asked, and you either answer it and get your books, or you don't and you leave the store empty-handed. Personal affront as the question may have been, I'm surprised the Character would have taken such offense. Dude, people are dying because someone(s) is/are playing bad cops, and you're offended?

In my opinion, if this guy was so "with the cops," he'd've said no (possibly with a slightly offended snort), and leave it at that; he shouldn't've huffed about as he did.

But, I must remember, it's just the writers and their script tryin' tah put tension into the situation. But I think they fubbed a bit on human nature there -- or maybe that's just my naive view.