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    Ali G

    Has anybody watched this? It was on HBO last year and was a big success in the UK a few years ago. I have seen both the English and US shows and the US shows are even better than the UK ones. It's just too funny seeing Ali, Borat and Bruno (all played by Sacha Baron Cohen) ridicule the people they're interviewing without them even knowing it. It's amazing he can keep a straight face during those interviews.

    My favorite part of the show is definately Borat, like when he went to a rodeo in Texas and asked the people sitting next to him if they wanted to see pictures of his wife. He then showed them naked pictures of a really ugly fat woman that supposedly is his wife.
    Or when he took an etiquette class and had dinner with some old snobs and told them all about how he had sex with a hooker the night before and how he likes porno.
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