View Poll Results: Who would you choose at the ER?

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  • Dr. Corday

    10 28.57%
  • Dr. Carter

    21 60.00%
  • Dr. Weaver

    0 0%
  • Dr. Lewis

    4 11.43%
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Thread: Who would you choose?

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    I vote Carter. I like him.

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    If Mark was around, I'd say him but he's not so I'll go with Carter. I wouldn't mind Kerry either....Don't really like her character but she's a good doctor.

    And if I needed a surgenon, I'd want Romano...Well...Romano pre-helicoper accident.

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    I choose Dr Corday because I want to be a surgeon

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    While I love Carter to death, his personal life seems to have become the focus of the character... Therefore I chose Lewis because she has a great personality and seems to both know her stuff and have a good time with ts too. I like Chen too.

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    Dr. Kovac of course, just one look at him and id feel all better.

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    Oh, I don't think so. He'd probably have trouble with my Nu Yawk accent! LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by JyNx
    Dr. Kovac of course, just one look at him and id feel all better.

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    LOL, alright corgi, but hes my choice! If you go see him, give me a call, and ill be there to translate. (i love him )

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    Quote Originally Posted by BravoFan
    If you were brought into the ER in a life-threatening situation, who would you want to see to you?
    I'd say either Weaver or Romano as they both appear to be the best diagnosticians and the most self-confident.

    Carter and Susan have the best bed-side manner but Carter sometimes gets absent minded or has his mind elsehwhere and that can lead to mistakes and Susan - well Susan just seems to have a lot of patients die on her.

    Corday of course is a surgeon and is called in for consultations and doesnt really often see ER patients on a triage level.

    The other's all seem pretty young, cocky and inexperienced.

    Before he died though - I would have to say Green would have been the one - great doctor - great bedside manner - told it like it was and didn't sugarcoat.

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    I chose Dr. Corday, because she seems to make the least mistakes when attempting to save a life.

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    I choose Carter.. see post #2 Bravo Fan lol

    With Luka's newfound respect for medicine and his renewed interset in people he would be my second choice.
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