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Thread: Alias: "Crossings" - 01/18

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    This ep was really good. Even though you know at the beginning that they can't get shot, its enjoyable anyway. It was so sad at the end right when Vaughn and Syd were going to get taken out and shot, how they were kind of saying their last things to eachother and trying to make amends. It pissed me off that everything went back to normal when they returned. Of course it had to, but it still sucked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    This is getting so confusing, I'm seriously contemplating setting up a flow chart in my living room complete with pictures and arrows and such.
    It sounds funny, but it's getting to that point where we all could benefit from a flow chart.

    Damn, I totally missed this episode. Doesn't sound like it was a "pivotal" episode, so I should be able to follow the next new episode without the flowchart.

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