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Thread: 12/12 - "The Spirit"

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    I loved this show too. I loved the sentimentality of it, especially Munroe and Bosco leaving gifts for the burgled (is that a word?) family and of course Sully as Santa and LMAO omg @ Ty as his very playful reindeer. I like the little girl, Audrey and I like her with Sully... would they let a single man adopt a 12 year old girl?
    Eventhough I am not a fan of Kim and Jimmy getting back together, I liked them together in this show.... must be the optomistic romantic in me.. the family is back together.

    So um how long has Faith been out of town now? She pulled her kids out of school before Christmas? Wouldn't Emily be in exams right now? How long does Fred get for holidays? (I think I've had too much time to think about this)
    Sasha dancing for joy in the change room was hilarious! Yay Lt! "lou" (I can see sarge for short but Lieu makes me think it's the man's name lol)

    Hey.. what ever happened to that LT Christopher jerk that was giving everyone a hard time?

    Doc is off his rocker and I don't feel sympathetic towards the character at all.

    Yay! Carlos finally some good news! A brother and a chance for his daugther.. the man who had nothing now has a full family. Could this turn actually make him a little more likeable?

    I can't wait for next year! More epis
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    My sentiments exactly Duxxy; Nia Long brings a much-needed optimistic/humorous tone to Third Watch amongs a bunch of people who had had much shanzer dealt to them recently. It's certainly working for Boscos's Character --- of course the writers are penning such, but they obviously see the need for good ol' fashioned "good life."

    And yes, I also agree that it's stinky that Kim and Jimmy are getting back together, but they were making some good 'chemistry' in this episode. I especially liked the scene where they peek in on their son, then run out while trying not to make a sound.

    As for Emily being in exams, if she's in a semester high school probably not. Of course, my west-coast system may be different than east-coast, but from what I know the semesters end February I think.

    College, however, is already over for most of us. Much yay'ness.

    Good question about the other Lt. Christopher jerky-boy . . . I wouldn't know. He was probably a one-time deal to give the writers a reason to flirt with the "gay thing."

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    Lt. Christopher disappeared during the blackout between the 3rd and 4th seasons. No one gave a reason for his disappearance. The main reason he was brought onto the show was to be an antagonist to Bosco and Faith... and my assumption is that when they decided to bring Cruz in, his need didn't exist anymore.

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