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Thread: Elisabeth Filarski-Hasselbeck chosen as new co-host for The View

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    I agree Duxx.
    Lisa was made to look foolish on that show, cut off in conversation, bullied by Joy and given stupid bits to host that were beneath her imo.

    Once Lis was in the running no one else stood a chance imo.
    Lis is still very popular with the public and I think Barbara and Bill see her as a way to bring ratings to the show.

    Well, I'm off work for a few weeks so I decided to turn on the View and saw Liz in action. I noticed the older gals are doing to Liz what they did to Lisa. Although I only watched it today, it seemed like the other's didn't really want to hear what Liz had to say. They cut her off mid-sentence and she was portrayed to be not as educated as the other gals with their own political aganda's. Just my thought's. It seemed like Liz was biting her tongue the whole time to keep from saying what a bunch of ego-ridden B**ches they all were. Maybe I caught a bad day, but hopefully she finds her niche and does well.

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    I can't stand that show anymore. I like Hot Topics and that's about it.

    I watched a bit when I was off sick to see how Elisabeth was doing. She really isn't taken seriously, you can tell.

    Barbara is the worst. She's in love with her own voice and heaven forbid anyone disagree with her.

    Joy is obnoxious and rarely funny. While I think her opinions are often more valid than the rest of them, she's just so loud mouthed and has no idea how to express any of her views without coming across as a first class witch.

    Star has really sunk to Joy level and is incredibly fake when she's not being sanctimonious.

    I like Meredith though and at is capable of listening to everyone else.
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    They suck. I liked the show when it first came on the air. Now they are just a bunch of self-important blow hards who are trying to further their own personal adgendas. I feel sorry for Elizabeth. I used to sneek peeks at the show while my kids ate lunch but now I just turn the t.v. off. I don't even bother.
    OMG I HATE it when the 'ladies' fall all over themselves when a male celebrity is on. It's embarassing, for themselves and the star. I find it disgusting.
    Joy annoys the be-jezus outta me.
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    Jughead Jones
    I never watch the View...I like to call it "Barbara Walters and her Merry Maidens of Menopause."

    But, Elisabeth was my pick to win Survivor 2, so I'm thrilled for her success.

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    I think that hasselback is taken more seriously than Lisa was, mostly because she does not quiet down as much. She can butt in like the rest of them, but often has much more interesting things to say. I am glad that she takes little of their s**t and speaks her mind most of the time. I hate when there are more than 4 ladies at the table. I am done with Joy altogether and Star is beginning to get on my bad side too. I can deal with a geniune Meredith, Hasselbeck and Barbara. That is all the opinion I can handle in a day. The other two are just looking for a gasp and laugh from an audience who is shocked at what they have said. I do not care for their particular brand of humor.
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    Rachel Campos from the Real World San Francisco was up for it too, I would have liked to see her get it.

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    I think Lis is doing a pretty good job on the show.
    The young one never gets the screen time and has to fight to make thier voice heard, but she seems up to the task.
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