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Thread: what happened to cold case tonight??

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    what happened to cold case tonight??

    anyone know what happened to cold case tonight? tvguide and cbs said it was on, but it went from 60 minutes to the hallmark movie and no cold case anyone got any info?

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    Did you check after the Hallmark movie? I know CBS was running nearly an hour late because of the football game.

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    Sunday nights Cold Case was one of the saddest they/ve had yet. A woman wakes up from a 2 year coma, to be told her young daughter died the night they both were pushed out a window to the pavement below. The young woman doesnt seem quite all there, it turns out as a child she was molested by her father. Now she is on welfare and managing to be a good mother.
    Lily and her partner interview everyone the mother knew, and it turns out that the social worker was blackmailing her and other mothers of little girls--threatening to take away their children and mark them as unfit mothers---so he could molest their daughters. Because of the mother's own childhood experiences she thinks they are coming to take her daughter to the social workers care and she throws herself and her child out the window. The child dies and she survives.

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