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Thread: The raccoon one? (10/30 ep., I think)

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    Jecka it wasn't a dead girl it was a guy who works at Mistress Heather's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pink_princess
    Ah yes, now I remember. Plushies and furries. The sad thing is, there's a huge fetish subculture devoted to people who either like to have sex dressed up like a stuffed animal ....I'm glad in general the episode was handled with humor though - it could have been gross.
    I've seen ads in the L.A. Times and my sister mentioned after the episode that she used see flyers all over the place in Seattle! At least the CSI didn't turn out too bizarre. I half way expected to find out Grissom received their newsletter like he admitted to doing in the episode with the little people convention.

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