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Thread: Talk show lineups Nov. 18-22

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    Talk show lineups Nov. 18-22

    From : InterBridge

    Monday, November 18

    David Letterman: Kevin James, "Survivor" castoff Ken Stafford, Matchbox Twenty
    Jay Leno: Pamela Anderson, "The Bachelor" Aaron Buerge, Busta Rhymes
    Craig Kilborn: Amy Brenneman, Cedric the Entertainer, 3 Doors Down
    Conan O'Brien: Janeane Garofalo, Tom Kenny, OK Go (R)
    Last Call: David Bowie (R 8/7/02)
    Daily Show: Ja Rule
    The View: Dean Cain, Tyra Banks, Monica Mitro, Ashanti
    Regis and Kelly: Bill Cosby, Jeremy Northam, Lifehouse
    Caroline Rhea: Alec Baldwin, Daniel Radcliffe
    Wayne Brady: Dennis Haysbert, Emma Watson, Danica McKellar, Ben Folds

    Tuesday, November 19

    David Letterman: Shania Twain, CART auto racing champion Christiano Da Matta, Heidi Klum
    Jay Leno: Chris Matthews, animal expert Jarod Miller, David Copperfield
    Craig Kilborn: Leah Remini
    Conan O'Brien: Tyra Banks, Zach Galifiniakis, H. Keith Melton
    Last Call: John Cleese, Good Charlotte
    Daily Show: Rep. Harold Ford
    The View: Aidan Quinn, Gabriel Byrne, Avril Lavigne
    Regis and Kelly: Gisele Bundchen, Elisha Cuthbert, Kevin James
    Caroline Rhea: Dean Cain, Alanis Morissette
    Wayne Brady: Amy Brenneman, Jackie Guerra, O-Town

    Wednesday, November 20

    David Letterman: Adam Sandler, burlesque revue Pussycat Dolls
    Jay Leno: Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Mekhi Phifer
    Craig Kilborn: Tom Arnold, comic Tony Rock
    Conan O'Brien: Tom Brokaw, Harry Shearer, Nancy Cartwright, Dan Castellaneta, Steve Earle
    Last Call: Jerry O'Connell, Ja Rule
    Daily Show: Catherine Crier
    The View: Jane Seymour
    Regis and Kelly: Halle Berry, Michael Caine, John Rzeznik
    Caroline Rhea: Jeremy Northam, Jerry O'Connell, "Survivor" cast-off Ken Stafford
    Wayne Brady: A performance by the cast of "Mamma Mia!"

    Thursday, November 21

    David Letterman: Ice Cube, a performance from Broadway's "Hairspray"
    Jay Leno: Sean Hayes, Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, Norah Jones
    Craig Kilborn: TBA
    Conan O'Brien: Matthew Lillard, Jim Gaffigan
    Last Call: Jeri Ryan, Phil Collins
    Daily Show: Kevin James
    The View: "The Bachelor" Aaron Buerge
    Regis and Kelly: Adam Sandler, Craig David
    Caroline Rhea: Zach Braff, "The Bachelor" Aaron Buerge
    Wayne Brady: David Copperfield, Peri Gilpin

    Friday, November 22

    David Letterman: Larry Miller
    Jay Leno: Rodney Dangerfield, Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper, Dwight Yoakam
    Craig Kilborn: LL Cool J, model Veronica Varekova
    Conan O'Brien: Adam Sandler, Ice Cube, Matchbox Twenty
    Last Call: Tom Arnold, Joe Pantoliano, Jeff Ross, Ted Danson, Saliva
    The View: Halle Berry
    Regis and Kelly: Pierce Brosnan, Brittany Snow, Ice Cube, Mark Knopfler
    Caroline Rhea: Carmen Electra, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Craig David
    Wayne Brady: John Stamos, Estelle Harris, Duncan Sheik

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    I just watched The Tonightshow with Jay Leno. Pamela Anderson and "the bachelor" (aka Aaron Buerge). Wow, Pamela seemed like the epitome of intelligence compared to Aaaron! What a dork!! Jay had the best comment... "I would pick the girl who said 'this is too stupid - I'm leaving' "
    Actually, I've seen Pamela on this show before, and then she appeared to be just a "bimbo", but this time she seemed to be like a very nice girl.

    Monday is "headlines" day - they are sooo funny! Here is a link to their website - recommed it to anyone who wants a good laugh!

    I assume that Kylie watched David Letterman since "survivor-Ken" was on the show!? I would also have, had I known....

    Craig Kilborn going on - one joke that I still remember: "You guys with tinted car windows - we don't think you are cool, just really, really ugly!" (it's funnier when he tells the joke )

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    Had to stay up and watch one of my fav. musicians - David Bowie, on Last Call with Carson Daly. What a guy!
    And what a contagious smile and laughter!
    One pretty funny thing he said: His son asked him if they could go to a concert with Johnny Rotten. David said OK, and when they were about to leave, the son showed up with his hair dyed in green and red in all directions! David's first thought was "if you think I'm going to go out with you looking like that...!!"

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