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Thread: Dark Shadows

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    Dark Shadows

    Has anyone seen this show before? I realize it's pretty old. It's on Sci-fi in the mornings, I think. My mom really likes the series, so she bought some of the DVD sets. I've been watching them, and I think they're really good. Sure, some of the reactions, looks, and expressions are a bit conry...and the music too. But, I was just watching...and Barnabas really really creeped me out when he invaded this woman's dreams and went into her room at night.

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    I used to love watching Dark Shadows as a kid, haven't seen it in years. We used to have to sneak around to watch it because our parents thought it was too racy for us. Barnabas is a creepy guy, the whole show was great, Thinking I gotta check out these DVDs.
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    Mdrio, that show was on way before you were thought of. I remember it being on when I got home from school but I never watched it myself.
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    A soap opera about vampires....with less than good looking stars....had to watch it at the nieghbors....and the third season got way offffffffff target but as a kid it was appealing...since I saw thunderbirds later and was shocked at how dull it really was....i think i might not be as attracted to it anymore

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    It was a show that was on when I was a kid in the 60's and 70's, but I never really watched it then...it was too creepy at the time for me. Like you, I have recently started watching it on the Sci Fi Channel, and I am now recording it so that I can keep up with the story line. It is more goofy looking now than scary, but I think that is the fun part in watching it. The cheesy music and dramatics as well as watching for the occasional flubbed lines and prop problems makes it still worth a look.

    It kind of reminds me of a really bad high school play at times, but I bet for it's day, it was ok. I am not really a fan of vampire stories, but there is enough unintentional comic moments in the show to hold my interest.

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