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Thread: James Badge Dale - The "new guy"

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    James Badge Dale - The "new guy"

    James Badge Dale is a relatively unknown actor, having appeared only in 2 movies prior to this. "Nola", playing "Ben". And in 1990, he was in "Lord of the Flies".

    Here are some press release photos of James from Nola:




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    All I can say is that "new guy" -- what's his character's name? Chase? -- had better be very careful. People generally don't have much luck staying alive with either Jack or Kim Bauer, and he hangs out with both of them. A lot.

    Be afraid, Chase. Be very afraid.
    "There's no crying in baseball!"
    -- Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own

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    I just laughed last week (2p-3p) when Chase and Jack were looking for that drug guy. Jack yelled "Run Chase!"

    I like his character so far, feel bad for him that he is getting shut out by Jack. And Tony totally snubbed him during last night episode

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