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Thread: The View

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskitty View Post
    Elisabeth Hasselbeck pregnancy watch is officially a go

    We've been talking about it since January, and this morning on The View we finally received an update. Elisabeth Hasselbeck didn't confirm a pregnancy, but announced that she is desperate to have a second child. Daughter Grace is 15 months. She has been trying to conceive for quite a while, (she had previously said they wished to start trying for a second baby when Grace turned six months) and has begun seeing doctors to discover why she and husband Tim are having trouble conceiving again. Elisabeth also mentioned she would like at least four children - possibly even five.

    Not to be mean, but she does realize she has to come out of the bathroom and stop brushing her teeth 'til her husband's asleep for this to happen, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay View Post
    It has gotten to the point where I'd rather watch The Tyra Banks Show, of TVLand as opposed to The (now-crappy) View. This show is soooo very boring now. We really need Rosie!
    Here, here. I think the show is dead like a door nail right now...I hope Rosie can make the show come alive in September.

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    Tonight was Star's last night as host of HGTV's House Hunters. She wore a light blue house dress very much a 50's 60's style. Again not very flattering to her figure. Funny how being on the View for 9 yrs and she still does not move well in front of the camera. Oh, right she sat for 9 yrs on the View. Still after her performance I can appreciate the regular host much more. It's not easy trying to appear casual.

    This time in NYC the buyer is looking for property in Manhattan in Greenwich Village and Chelsea. The happening places, so of course it is expensive.

    1. was a mini loft 440 sq ft at $475,000
    2. was a modern condo 480 sq ft at $520,000 it was move in ready, had a conceirge and 20,000 sq ft gym as part of the building
    3. was the biggest at 700 sq ft but needed a major renovation which is why the price was only $600,000

    I do wish that the show would show more of the other part of NYC as Tues, Wed, Thur and Fri concentrated mainly in the Manhattan area.
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    **off topic**

    With those prices, I am glad I don't live in NYC.

    **on topic**

    Don't these shows have people who help those in front of cameras dress? You'd think someone would tell her that she didn't look good.
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    Maybe Star lost her stylist when she left (cough, cough) the View?

    As a trial lawyer, which I think she was, she should be able to walk and talk at the same time while addressing the judge and jury. But maybe it's been too long

    I remember Elizabeth saying something to that effect, PWS, about waiting for her hubby to fall asleep. Now she's back into babies......it's probably a ruse to get the media off of the fact that the show sucks right now.
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    It was mentioned on an AI thread that Kellie Pickler was on The View. Anyone watch, and if so what was said? I haven't seen the show in over a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh View Post
    It was mentioned on an AI thread that Kellie Pickler was on The View. Anyone watch, and if so what was said? I haven't seen the show in over a week.
    Yes, I watched it. She was a breath of fresh air to the show to me. In fact, I wouldn't mind if they ditched Elizabeth and kept her. LOL Let's see...they mentioned her difficult life (with mom and father). She said she has forgiven both of them because it is hard for her to hold that much anger in her heart. She said she asks to be forgiven everyday so who is she not to forgive them. Let's see..they got her to sing a bit of the song she sang when trying out for AI. She mentioned that her single is coming out soon. I think she said September? Then album out in like November or something. I did not pay much attention to that. She said she does have a boyfriend. They dated before AI. She did a very good job in my opinion. She knew how to joke around during the segments (one with this snore device and another where she had to get in bed with Elizabeth to show demonstrate the sheets that were divided so that each person could have their own section of sheets without removing from the other person. She seemed to fit right in. Joy seemed to get a kick out of her.

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    I'm sorry I missed that. She is very funny, I think. I really enjoy her silly wit.

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    She had a cute haircut, and she really reminded me of Dolly Parton. She definitely had a good time.
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    I saw on the news that she has signed with Sony records and will do a Country album. I'm buying that one.

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