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Thread: The View

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    Also, next weeks TV Guide had a small article about a TV exec being interested in developing a show with Star but feeling hesitent because of the way Star reacted when she decided to go out with a bang instead of a whimper. Who needs the attitude.
    No producer in his/her right mind would get involved with Star. Sooo many people can't stand the woman that I doubt ANY show, ANY topic would work.

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    You may be right but also, just because we don't care for her doesn't mean that maybe she doesn't has a loyal following. There are a lot of people on tv that I avoid watching, but they are very popular with others. Oprah is one that I turn the tv when she shows up but she is one of the most popular people on tv, so what do I know. I lost interest in Dr Phil long ago but he's still going strong.

    Star has a lot to offer in the right situation. I can see her doing well in some sort of CourtTV type show.

    She is irritating as heck, but she isn't alone, for sure.

    By the way Susan Lucci made the show enjoyable this morning. And I was glad to see Lauren Hutton. I'd give today's show high marks.

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    Susan did brighten up that panel today! As much as I hate to credit it (not really), I honestly think it was the age factor. Hard to believe that woman has been married for 35 years!! That's wonderful.

    One of the idiots on the panel identified Chandra Wilson, on Gray's Anatomy, as "that nasty nurse". I won't mention any names, but her initials are BW. I guess if you're female, you must be a nurse, huh? Geez.......and time moves on.....
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    Here's the link to the People article about Star doing House Hunters in NYC next week. This had to have been done way before last week. There's no way this show could have been filmed, edited, and ready for HGTV in one week's time! I was also surprised that so many people tuned in to see her on LKL and how much air time she got on the Today Show with Al Roker.


    What's Next for Star Jones Reynolds?
    THURSDAY JULY 06, 2006 06:05AM EST

    After an explosive week in which she announced to PEOPLE that she'd been fired from The View, and then publicly traded barbs with former cohost Barbara Walters, Star Jones Reynolds is ready to move on.

    Starting July 10, she'll serve a weeklong stint hosting HGTV's House Hunters, helping home buyers navigate the New York City real estate market, PEOPLE reports in its new issue. But after that her calendar is clear.

    Still, she's optimistic. As she told PEOPLE of her job loss, "Yeah, this is an obstacle, but inside every obstacle is an opportunity."

    She's already found plenty of TV viewers. Her June 29 appearance on CNN's Larry King Live was watched by nearly 3 million people, triple the show's usual ratings. And the next day, Today's Al Roker filled a full 20 minutes talking to Reynolds about her departure from The View.

    Will she be able to keep her seemingly loyal fan base? "How this pans out for her career all depends on what she does in the next 18 months," says media analyst Bob Thompson. "Even if she tries a bunch of things and none of them work, I don't think she's going to end up on The Surreal Life 9."
    One thing is for certain: She's already surrounded by supporters. After her rough week, she and husband Al Reynolds spent the Fourth of July weekend at their home in the Hamptons, where on Saturday night they went dancing at Southampton's Pink Elephant club.

    "She and Al were holding hands the whole time and having so much fun," says a source. "She got a very warm welcome. A lot of guests were congratulating her on how she handled everything leaving The View."

    As close friend LaTanya Richardson Jackson (wife of actor Samuel L. Jackson) tells PEOPLE of Reynolds, "She's incredibly hurt, but she's also incredibly resilient. She's moving on."

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    I believe she taped those segments sometime in the spring.
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    I was watching House Hunters last nite and there was Star saying she will be on next week for New York week. One thing though after seeing her from her head to mid thigh is that now she is too skinny or that she has lost so much muscle tissue from loosing all that weight that I want her to go to the gym and put on about 15 lbs of muscle she looks too skinny and fragile right now. Also she need to re do her big hair. That hair was fine when she was heavy but it overpowers her head and frame now it needs major restyling right now.
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    Do you think that's her real hair? I often think it looks like different wigs. Well, whatever it is, I agree with you that it's too much. She needs to wear it about a foot shorter.

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    Bearcata..... it's because she's got such a huge VannaWhite sized head that parts of the rest of her body look so fragile.

    And Muduh, I believe she mentioned on the show that she does wear different wigs. She used to go from short to long overnight so often that it finally all made sense. I'm envious.
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    You're envious that she has wigs? Have you ever tried one of those things on? I'd rather go bald.

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    Doherty, McPhee Come into "View"

    In the wake of Star Jones Reynold's abrupt decampment from The View last week, the powers-that-be at the ABC chatfest are looking to steer clear of cohost drama. Accordingly, they've gone and hired Shannen Doherty.

    Yes, that Shannen Doherty.

    The Barbara Walters-led talk show has unveiled a slate of upcoming guest hosts to temporarily fill the vacated fourth seat, with Doherty, Katherine McPhee, Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba and champ Kelly Monaco tag-teaming.

    At first blush, Doherty, 35, seems the most unexpected option to sub in on The View, considering a history of diva-like behavior that led to her exits from Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed, among other offscreen troubles. Then again, Doherty's antics could be considered small beans when compared to a certain ex-lawyer and former talk show host.

    Reynolds, who has been offering up the sordid details of her departure on the talk-show circuit since leaving on June 28, wasn't supposed to leave The View right away. But her quick departure has forced producers to scramble for viable replacements.

    The day after Walters' on-air confirmation that Reynolds would not be returning to the chatfest, One Life to Live's Renee Goldsberry sat with the remaining three yappers. While Goldsberry had previously acted as a guest cohost, her position as first out of the gate in the new wave of contenders was particularly noteworthy for her almost eerie resemblance to Reynolds.

    Goldsberry also plays a lawyer on the soap, making it appear that Walters & Co. were seeking a very specific type to fill the Star gap.

    America's Got Talent judge Brandy then logged time at the table last week and again on Friday's show, even receiving on-air kudos from Walters for a job well done. Meanwhile, All My Children's Susan Lucci joined the hijinks on Wednesday.

    When it comes to Inaba and Monaco, it would seem the folks at The View clearly have a penchant for dancing...or maybe just ABC synergy.

    Inaba, a choreographer who has appeared as a judge on the Alphabet net's reality competition for each of its two seasons, will fill in on Monday. Monaco was the winner of Dancing's first season and is a regular on another ABC soap, General Hospital. The 30-year-old actress, who has appeared on The View several times, takes the seat next Tuesday.

    American Idol runner-up McPhee, meanwhile, is also scheduled to squeeze in some small-screen time in between dates for the American Idol summer tour, joining Walters, Joy Behar and fellow reality TV vet Elisabeth Hasselbeck for some small talk July 19.

    The 22-year-old songbird, unlike some of the other revolving-door candidates, is likely not using her guest stint as an audition for the permanent gig, instead making it another promotional pit stop. Of course, all is dependent on her laryngitis clearing up.

    Doherty, whose new reality show, Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty, premieres on the Oxygen network next month, is penciled in on The View for July 31 and Aug. 1.

    There appears to be a method to The View brain trust's mining of soap operas and reality TV for cohosts. See: Kelly Ripa, who graduated from All My Children to Regis sidekick; and The View's own Hasselbeck, a former Survivor castaway.

    In any case, The View is running out of time if it wants a permanent Star sub. The show will go on hiatus Aug. 4 and returns Sept. 5, with another new face as Rosie O'Donnell's takes over for the Today show-bound Meredith Vieira.

    As for Reynolds, she's not wasting any time getting back to work. She's set to guest host HGTV's House Hunters all next week.

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