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Thread: The View

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    I think

    that they did what they could and should do in letting Star go as of yesterday. Because if they let it carry on, the gossip and innuendo would have continued. Now, we'll have a week or so of it and (hopefully) it will be over.
    According to what I read, Star's contract was up at the end of August, since they said that it wouldn't be renewed in September. To me, that means that she needs to do what she is contractually obligated to do until the contract runs out. The fact that they told her that she could leave early indicates to me that they were trying to do what she wanted, instead of making her stay until the very end. Instead of sticking to what they wanted her to do, she did her own thing. Why should they still let her stay around then? It makes no sense to me to keep her for a couple of weeks and have everyone uncomfortable.
    Did you all notice on Tuesday's show that Barbara had to encourage the audience to stand up and give Star a standing ovation? Watch the replay and you will see what I mean. I think that there is little love between Star and the audience. I used to enjoy watching her, but she is just too full of herself and her life for me to be interested in her anymore.

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    After The View cohost Star Jones Reynolds announced on the air Tuesday that she would leave the show in July, her network had a response: Leave now.

    According to a source close to Jones Reynolds, "ABC has asked her not to return to The View tomorrow morning."
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    Frankly I think Star is acting like a spoiled child. If as she says she agreed to work until July 13 then I'm sure she was told a date that they would prefer that she annouce that she is leaving, they are paying her to get up there and do a job, she kept accepting the money so they can dictate what she will do. Frankly they were right to tell her not to come back because why accept back someone who is unprofessional enough not to follow through on an agreement? She doesn't get any say so over who replaced Meridith, that isn't her role on the show. The fact that Joy and Elizabeth didn't know about the contract difficuties show that the executives were acting with professionalism to not be talking about these issues with others on the show and leaking information to the press also.

    I'm wondering if Star had tried to find something else and couldn't find what she wanted so staged this trying to earn some sympathy and press and hoping that then would lead to some sort of better paying more high profile gig.
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    If Starr fades into oblivion it will be because of her performance on the View not this recent hullabaloo. It will be easy to say she screwed herself by going public with the contract issue but I think not.

    No one has snapped her up and presumably she has been looking for a job since she knew months ago.

    She is gathering a lot of public support and many see her as having been screwed by Walters, ABC and even Rosie. America loves an underdog.

    She is smart and I believe this move has been calculated to raise her marketability. Just keep your face in the news is the name of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh View Post
    Another thing that I consider sad about the whole chain of events is this. Barbara Walters is 74 years old. She has had a pretty distinguished career and actually opened a lot of doors that have made it easier for women who followed in her footsteps.

    At this stage of the game, why in the world open up this can of worms? She will never be remembered, by many, as the astute business woman and trail blazer that she actually WAS. She wiil just be remembered as a vindictive old woman who didn't know when to keep her mouth shut. I find that terribly sad. Why not keep her mouth shut and look like the bigger woman, and professional that she used to be?

    I don't think what Barbara did is going to have any impact on how she is remembered. If she retired or died tomorrow, the tributes would still be about how she blazed a trail in journalism, not just for women, but in other ways as well.

    This will all be forgotten about in 6 months!
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    My 2 cents. I think that Star handle her self with dignity when she said her piece Tuesday. From what I hear and read, when Today asked Meredith to come on over, Barbara asked Rosie to step in, knowing that she and Star don't get a long, now if Star found out about this on the Emmys just like everyone else then she should feel betrayed.

    She has worked with those people for 9 yrs a little respect should have been shown, no matter if they did not like her any more, she help to make that show all these years. Regarding her weight she has said she would talk to anyone privately about that subject which is her right. She does not have to give out the information if she does not want to do so. She does not have to give out her health report it's no ones business.

    I'm sure they at the view as she said encourage her to talk about her wedding for rating sake so to use this now to dump her is wrong IMHO. They could have tell her not to talk about it after it was all over. I have seen for the past two months that she was not happy, she hardly said anything and was with drawn from the group, and I do believe that Meredith and her were the two honest ones there and the best of the lot.

    She took her self out of the stress of going to an environment which was stressful knowing that her time to go was coming to an end. They are just pissed because she spoke first and told the truth. If one thing that I have witness is that she was always honest in my view about every thing and just could not take acting anymore and just end it.

    Good for her now the stress is off and she can go on with her life. As she said she does not know the future but she know who holds the future. On that she is right, and every thing in this world will come to an end and the man up stairs always have a plan for every one.

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    It may not have sounded like it, but I'm not a huge Barbara Walters fan. I've just seen the way some executive decisions are made and how announcements are executed in a certain manner.

    I still do not believe that Star was "fired". When you are on contract, you are not a salaried employee. A contract ends and may or may not be renewed. This was the case. They advised Star her contract would not be renewed. Star is a bright articulate lawyer. She, if anyone, knows the difference between a contract ending and a firing of an employee. If she was unduly fired, trust me, she could and would sue.

    Anyway, I honestly cannot believe that this story actually made the National News last night
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    I doubt that it would have made the news had Barbara not been involved. I think that many people, like me, just expected more of her and she sort of let us down.

    I guess that officially you couldn't call it a firing, but as I said before, if your job is taken away, I consider that a firing. And Star WAS part of the reason that the show has been on the air for nine years. Her participation may have had negative reactions from many, (including me) but she was an important member of the team.

    If Elisabeth and Joy have any sense at all they will be seriously job hunting.

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    I just think it's a real shame that after 9 years anyone would go out on that kind of
    I think had she just made the statement she did yesterday morning she'd still be on the show until the season is up.
    I think it was the comments in People magazine (abut feeling as though she was fired) that sunk her.
    Even though she likely does feel fired.
    Your contract isn't renewed, then you're goping to feel as though you were fired
    With regard to the on air talking about her wedding, it did get tedious, but Barbara and Bill could have told her to tone it down when it became obvious it was turning the audience off.
    She was always a diva, but at least to that point she'd always come across as professional.
    During the entire lead up she seemed to leave her brain elsewhere and we got very little out of her other then incessant rambling about her wedding and her great relationship.
    In some ways she sunk herself, but Barbara and Bill could have stepped in if they didn't like the way things were going.
    Perhaps they tried to, who knows?
    I just think it's a real shame after she was fairly gracious in her speech and after nine years in the job that it should come to this.

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    Don't forget to watch Larry King tonight. It should clear up some questions.

    The big question I have is why did ABC not want Starr to say that they had not renewed her contract? It is part of the business and certainly not a secret.

    It is definately like getting fired. I would feel that way, too. It is okay for her to talk about how it made her feel.

    It is also her right to talk about *all* of her feelings around how it was handled. She can say anything she pleases, she is not under contract.

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