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Thread: The View

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    Elizabeth: Pretentious little girl, out of her league.
    Joy: Outspoken, grudgey pot stirrer.
    Barbara: Thinks daisies grow when she shiats.
    Rosie: Obnoxious most of the time.
    Star: Ego filled biatch.

    Meredith: Lucky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff View Post
    Lisa Ling really came into her own once she left the show and I think the same could be true for Star.

    I expect Rosie to be the one leading the discussion just as Meredith used to, although I'm sure they won't call Rosie the "moderator" so as to lessen comparisons to Meredith.

    I don't know who they'll get to replace Star.
    I had heard rumours when Meredith quit that Gayle King was being touted as a replacement for Star.
    I can't see that working, but it really depends on the format changes they make.
    I'd rather see an entire show of Hot Topics each day. If they knew they had longer to talk they might just be a bit less unruly than they can be at times.
    I don't mind the guests, but Barbara fawns over all the celebs and always runs on about how much they "love" everyone.
    I'd happily watch the show with no celeb guests. I generally find the interviews they do with regular folks more interesting anyway, particularly if the guests were the subjetc of Hot Topics items in the first place.

    It's all rather falling apart at the moment.
    It feels like Barabara really needs to get this show by the reins and let the viewers know what's going on instead of just bumbling along like they are at the moment.
    I never see, or hear from Lisa Ling any more. What is she up to now?

    Yes, I expect Rosie to be the "star" now. Can't imagine why she'd acept the position, and I can't imagine why she was asked, but guess we'll see.

    I also heard the Gayle King rumors but read that she isn't intrested. In my opinion Gayle had better stay where Oprah can call the shots. Gayle isn't very interesting.

    I agree that the show seems to be falling apart. Sort of like a ship without a rudder, isn't it? It will be interesting to see the new format and decide if we want to waste an hour of our days with it.

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    Lisa works for National Gepgraphic now and she often does Special Reports for Oprah's show

    I would like nothing but hot topics too, now it seems like they are in school and the teacher tells you you have to raise your hand too speak. the loss of Meredith is so apparent right now

    I don't like Barbara, Elizabeth or Joy!
    I think Barbara needs to retire I find her very boring
    I don't like Joy's humor
    Elizabeth is a joke
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    Lisa works for National Geographic now and has reported from inside prisons, the Congo, Afghanistan, China, all sorts of places.
    She also does reports for Oprah on various stories from around the World.
    I think she's turned into a fine reporter.

    "Ship without a rudder" is a great description.
    The show is really just lumbering along without direction at the moment.

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    Well as you all know, most of my televiewing involves either Sponge Bob or Dora, so I haven't seen her around either of them. I'm glad she's doing well but not sorry that I'm not witnessing it.

    I just saw on the Inside Edition that Star's contract wasn't renewed. She says she feels she was fired. It will all be in People magazine, Friday(I think).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh View Post
    Well if Star didn't get renewed we can pretty much assume that Elisabeth won't either. So, if no one is left, how can it still be the same show? Right?
    Once Rosie was announced as a co-host the whole ball of wax changed. So, IMO, the decision to bring on Rosie, not necessarily Meredith leaving, totally changed the landscape of the show.
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    Trying to free myself from the snarkside.
    I liked Star when she was bigger and before the whole wedding extraganza. From what I hear and read Star can treat people pretty rudely; people "beneath" her like waiters, staff at the View and others. In interviews she does try to come off as "Ms. Perfect" who is free to judge and condemn others but threatens to sue if anyone tries to insult her. Plus she was mean to Kathy Griffin. I won't miss her, but I don't know if I will welcome Rosie with open arms either. I liked the Rosie from her old talk show. When that show ended she also got mean. I might just watch early on to see what happens.

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    I don't think it can be the same show after all.
    With Star and Meredith both leaving it changes the whole dynamic. I won't be watching anymore, I need to like someone on the show and right now no one fits the bill, and I can't imagine anyone that they can bring on to makeup for both Star and Meredith leaving.

    Rosie just doesn't cut it for me

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    Unlike so many of The View fans, I don't feel the loss of Meredith is any big deal....well, only in that Barbara is there everyday. What a drag!
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aga View Post
    Once Rosie was announced as a co-host the whole ball of wax changed. So, IMO, the decision to bring on Rosie, not necessarily Meredith leaving, totally changed the landscape of the show.
    Well yes and no, for me. Rosie's addition after Meredith left was just the straw that broke the camel's back. Meredith was the one I expected to keep things going in some direction. Now it seems that they are all just milling around without a clue. And I really don't think that Rosie is going to be the one to draw them together. There is just no chemistry between any of them now. And I know that my age group should probably identify more with Barbara, but not me. I like her but lately she has seemed to go over the edge trying to keep up with the girls.

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