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Thread: The View

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcurrytoo View Post
    yeah, mid July, Personally I'm glad she's leaving, I may be one of the few but I like Star, and I think she deserves better than the way she has been treated lately. The show has been sooooo boring lately since Meredith left
    and Star has looked like she really does not want to be there anymore and with rosie coming (after pubicly callling Star a bitch on national TV and Joy standing right beside her and laughing) I'm sure her she just wants to get out.
    I don't mind Star either.
    I hope that if she's to stay on tv she'll go back to something where she can use her expertise as a prosecutor.
    I find it interesting to hear her talk about the law.
    Even though she can only touch on certain issues duing Hot Topics she always seems to speak aobut the law in a very calm and assured manner and I always get the feeling that whether I agree with her or not, she knows her stuff.
    I wouldn't mind seeing her take over from Nancy Grace whom I find exceptionally annoying and unprofessional in her one-sidedness.
    Star seems to look at the whole picture when it comes to matters of law, whereas Nancy is always on the side of the prosecutor and I find her commentary has defendants convicted and banged up long before they are tried.

    Now, we just have to get rid of Elisabeth, ensure Barbara keeps her appearances to a minimum and get a good couple of replacements and the show might have a shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff View Post
    Now, we just have to get rid of Elisabeth, ensure Barbara keeps her appearances to a minimum and get a good couple of replacements and the show might have a shot.

    That's Exactly how I feel ...the show has gotten so boring with Meredith gone and Barbara there everyday....it's like watching paint dry. Waaaay Too much order for me.

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    It's interesting that you bring up Nancy Grace. I don't like her either and now that I think about it Joy kind of reminds me of Nancy. Joy's always been my least favorite on the show although I'll admit she isn't as rude to the people she disagrees with as Nancy is. From what I noticed Joy usually just starts staring off into space when someone is saying something she disagrees with. Thanks

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    I've noticed how preoccupied Star has looked lately. For them to all say that they didn't know what Star was going to say today...I say "Bull." These women were very phony today. Star's announcement was no shock to anyone, especially Barbara.
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

    When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, you know which one you hit by the one that yelps!

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    I definitely agree with that. It as sort of anticlimactic since we've expected it for a while now. As I said, I feel that Barbara intended to run everyone off when she chose Rosie. Not sure why, but that's what I think.

    I doubt that I will find the show interesting when the shuffling is over and we settle down to Barbara and Rosie. I find Rosie far more irritating than anyone on this show ever was.

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    There's a quote floating around the internet from Star where she says her contract wasn't renewed...I don't doubt that that is the honest truth. This show is going to get axed before long.....

    Personally, I like Elizabeth the best...probably because I'm a conservative Christian and agree w/most everything she says....but that's just me

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    I think that the show might have already gotten the chop were it not for the Barbara connection.
    She's obviously highly thought of, although I've never understood why as I find her to be an average interviewer.

    If she did hire Rosie as a ploy to oust Star than I have even less respect for her than I thought possible.
    At least have the decency to tell her that you want her off the show.
    I actually feel kind of bad for Star. I know she can be insufferable at times, but I think she has plenty to offer if the right vehicle for her talents comes along.
    It's time for her to get more serious I think and leave the often wackiness of The View behind.
    I'm hoping Elisabeth will be so offended by Rosie as to quit the show of her own accord, although something tells me she is too stubborn and will see this as an opportunity to push her opinions even more.
    The show needs a Conservative for balance, but imo Elisabeth is not the riught person for the job.
    She needs to realize though that if she takes Rosie on she might win the argument, but will likely lose the battle.
    Rosie is a star, Elisabeth really is not at this point and she is far more easily replaced than Rosie imo.

    I'm willing to reserve judgement on Rosie until we see how she does on the show and what format changes the show will make.
    I feel as though I already know that Elisabeth is not a good fit.

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    Well if Star didn't get renewed we can pretty much assume that Elisabeth won't either. So, if no one is left, how can it still be the same show? Right? I definitely see myself looking elsewhere.

    I like Elisabth and was glad when she replaced that girl I couldn't stand. I just wish she wouldn't be so political. Also, I wish she wouldn't speak so fast because I miss half of what she says.

    It has seemed to me that she has been given a bigger role lately. Next to Barbara, she seems to be the most vocal. Of course I expect that all to change when Rosie comes on board. I'm sure that she'll take Meredith's place as head honcho.

    fluff, I really think that legal shows are where Star needs to be. I don't care that much for her but I often wondered if The View wasn't a step down for someone with her education and legal talent.
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    I didn't wake that early and missed it. So Star just said she's leaving in July, just like that?

    I saw yesterday and when it ended I wasn't sure if Barbara got cut off or she decided to change it to just, enjoy The View.

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    Lisa Ling really came into her own once she left the show and I think the same could be true for Star.

    I expect Rosie to be the one leading the discussion just as Meredith used to, although I'm sure they won't call Rosie the "moderator" so as to lessen comparisons to Meredith.

    I don't know who they'll get to replace Star.
    I had heard rumours when Meredith quit that Gayle King was being touted as a replacement for Star.
    I can't see that working, but it really depends on the format changes they make.
    I'd rather see an entire show of Hot Topics each day. If they knew they had longer to talk they might just be a bit less unruly than they can be at times.
    I don't mind the guests, but Barbara fawns over all the celebs and always runs on about how much they "love" everyone.
    I'd happily watch the show with no celeb guests. I generally find the interviews they do with regular folks more interesting anyway, particularly if the guests were the subjetc of Hot Topics items in the first place.

    It's all rather falling apart at the moment.
    It feels like Barabara really needs to get this show by the reins and let the viewers know what's going on instead of just bumbling along like they are at the moment.
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