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Thread: The View

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    I think it's going to take me a while to decide that I'm going to miss Meredith. She kind of reminds me of Elisabeth with more life experience, but thank goodness her politics are not similar to Elisabeth's.
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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    Elisabeth has gotten on my nerves from day one. Don't get me wrong, I love Reality TV, why else would I be here but it drives me crazy the reality starts that get these kinds of gigs JUST because they were on Reality TV, ugh!

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    I'm watching now and I've got to say...this is stupid! Joan Rivers is an idiot! Mario Cantone made too many jokes about sex. Meredith's kids are in the front row and it was just inappropriate, IMO. Gilbert Godfried is always a moron and I don't find him funny at all (Other than his joke about Barbara's specials being dull ). Hopefully, the second half will be better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aga View Post
    I have been watching the show casually for the past couple of weeks. They all seem to annoy each other. Quite a bit of annoyance seems to be directed at Elizabeth, but there also seems to be other tensions as well.
    It seems to be getting worse too, doesn't it? I doubt that Elisabeth will be around much longer. I really liked her, and still do, except when she gets on her soapbox. People who haven't been around long enough to see what
    a mess things are now in, need to cool it and do more listening than commenting.

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    Oh, Mario cracks me up. I agree that Joan Rivers was stupid. I can't stand her anyway. Did they do this for Lisa Ling when she left?
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    I dont think so, but then she hadn't been there very long compared to Meredith. I was so glad to see Lisa Ling leave that I would have sprung for the party myself if it would have gotten rid of her. Could not stand her.

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    I just saw the last 15 min. of it....and seen where Meredith's husband spoke at the end and then her son...talking about "Auntie Star"....lol!

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    I've always despised elizawitch. But im going to miss Meredith, she and joy are the 'fun' ones.
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    Does Rosie O'Donnel start right away, or are they als going to do the "Summer of a thousand co-hosts"?

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    I like Elizabeth, and it doesn't bother me that she came from Reality TV. She isn't the only one that gets their soap box. Anywho, I thought that was what the show was supposed to be about, all of them expressing their views. I am looking forward to seeing what direction the show moves in now with Rosie coming on.

    Just wondering if anyone else caught this, but did I hear someone say that Joy was leaving next and they didn't mean for that to slip? Did I hear that wrong? I was doing other things at the time and I didn't quite get to hear all that was being said.

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