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Thread: The View

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    I answered my own question. I came across this today at tvguide.com:

    HASSELBECK HASSLED: The New York Daily News reports that The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being stalked by an anonymous female who has tried to get the working mom in trouble with Children's Services. "This is a malicious attempt to harass our family," Elisabeth and her husband, Tim, parents of 1-year-old Grace, tell the the News in a statement. "These allegations have been fully reviewed by authorities and medical professionals and found to be absolutely false."
    ______________________________ ______________________________ ___________
    But I still believe I did hear something in the news about her husband's brother, I just don't remember what it was. And I wonder what the allegations are.

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    I still wish they would have hired Rachel Campos-Duffy instead of Elizabeth, she had filled in so much they owed it to her!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan View Post
    Isn't there something going on with her husband's brother? I think that may be it because I vaguely remember hearing his name in the news about something.
    About Matt Hasselbeck? Other than him losing the Super Bowl, I haven't heard anything lately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh View Post
    Joy and Barbara are long time friends, so I doubt that she's going anywhere. Joy is actually my favorite on the show, tied with Meredith. Barbara said, yesterday, I think, that in the beginning, she was supposed to be there two or three days a week, and Joy the others. Joy worked out so well, that they decided to keep her everyday. I like Elizabeth, but since her politics are totally opposite from mine, I wish she'd keep quiet.

    I definitely won't watch anymore if Patricia Heaton comes on board. Like Broadway, I had enough of her when she always looked so pained, and ran her mouth, during the Schiavo thing.

    I don't think that Kathie Lee would be interested, even if THEY were, But I'd definitely watch her.
    Muduh, I could have written this. We live about an hour away from where the Shiavo thing happened. If the rest of the nation got so much coverage on her, then you should have seen what WE got with all the local stations covering it. I have tolerated Patricia Heaten even tho Everybody Loves Raymond was a favorite show, but when she stuck her big fat nose in the Schivo thing, I was done.
    I wish Elizabeth would go away. I stopped watching The View because of her. She's an IDIOT! I used to like Star, but since she got married and lost weight, she's gotten less funny and I don't like her anymore. I LOVE Joy, like Meredith and Barbara is ok.
    But since I don't watch it anymore because of Elizabeth, I guess I don't care who they get to replace Meredith.
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    Does anyone know why Barbara is sitting in the middle position on the panel now? This started the day that it was told about Elisabeth and her husband having legal problems with a stalker, with Elisabeth to Barbara's immediate left. Elisabeth is now sitting at her usual end of the table (where Barbara used to sit when she was on.)
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    Hide the children. Store up the emergency water. Make sure your locks work. Break the screen of your TV before you risk seeing this.

    Rosie O'Donell is reportedly favored to replace Meredith on the View. That's right. Star Jones, Joy Behar and Rosie will ALL be on the same program at the same time. Be afraid. Be very afaid.


    O'Donnell to replace Vieira on 'The View'
    Associated Press

    NEW YORK - Rosie O'Donnell is expected to make a surprise return to daytime television by taking over exiting Meredith Vieira's slot on the talk show "The View."

    O'Donnell's appointment was reported Thursday by the newsmagazine "Extra." It was confirmed by a person close to the show who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because "The View" wanted to make the announcement on Friday's show.

    ABC officials declined comment on the report on Thursday.

    Dubbed "The Queen of Nice" when her syndicated talk show went on the air in 1996 and became an instant hit, O'Donnell won six Daytime Emmy Awards in six years as best talk-show host. She left the show to help raise four children with her partner, Kelli Carpenter O'Donnell.

    It's an important appointment for "The View," which was created by Barbara Walters. Vieira's news background helped make her the solid center of the program on the days Walters didn't appear on air.

    But Vieira joined the game of musical anchor chairs that began when Katie Couric chose to move to the "CBS Evening News." NBC quickly named Vieira as her replacement on the "Today" show, where she will begin work in September.

    Joy Behar and Star Jones Reynolds, who have been bickering at each other lately, are also members of "The View" round-table, along with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. They're nominated together in the best talk-show host category at Friday's Daytime Emmy Awards.

    "I think every agent in America is calling," Walters told The Associated Press shortly after Vieira's departure was announced on April 6.

    O'Donnell has acted in a variety of movie, TV and stage shows, including the films "A League of Their Own" and "Sleepless in Seattle," and "Grease" on Broadway.

    She should have no problem holding her own with the other ladies on "The View." Since leaving daytime television, O'Donnell has become a strong advocate of gay and lesbian marriage and adoption. With her partner, she operates a cruise line for gay and lesbian families that was recently featured in an HBO movie.
    The only thing which would be scarier is if Roseanne (Barr, or whatever it is now) came to the program as well. No rumor of that, but I'm just frightening myself speculating on stuff like that. I also like horror movies, so there you go...
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    I like Rosie! I can't see her in the role.... but who knows? I try to keep an open mind. Here's wishing her the best!

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    She's too much of a strong personality.
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    The expected "official" announcement will be tomorrow on the show, but the local NY news covered this tonight as pretty much confirmed fact.

    I wonder if she will sing show tunes on the show, talk a lot about her kid "Parker" and trade insults with Star--who I seem to recall Rosie has LOUDLY publicly criticized before, most recently a mere few weeks ago about playing coy with the details of her weight loss. Wait. Here it is:


    Did Rosie get the job because the producers are milking the publicity from this? Will people even remember this little incident by the time Rosie gets on the show?

    I can imagine some viscous loud three way fights between O'Donnell, Jones and Behar. People all over the nation will be lowering the volumes on their TV sets significantly whenever The View comes on the air. Anyway, I suppose this latest move finally completely removes The View from a position of having even the slightest "news" relevance, since they aren't replacing the newswoman with another of the same. Instead, they are getting that sorely needed volume boosting, since Star and Joy were too soft-spoken for most of America.
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    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    I don't think I will be watching anymore. I used to love Rosie when she had her show. Then after the show ended she cut her hair and started acting really mean-spirited and nuts. Even though it might be interesting to see her and Star go at it I think I will pass. I wonder if they hired Rosie because they plan to fire Star anyway.

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