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Thread: The View

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    Boom Bazooka Joe! Amy Lee's Avatar
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    I still don't get what makes Katie couric such hot stuff. I don't even find her serious enough for such a job. This is one thing she can't make all about her i guess.
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    HBK fan nilesgirl's Avatar
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    Okay. Someone answer a question. Merideth said she was asked to take over Katie Couric's job on The Today show. So does that mean she's leaving The View?
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    Yes, Meredith is leaving The View at the end of the month is what they said.

    I had no idea she did 60 Minutes or real news. It will be weird to not have her there. And weird to see her on The Today Show well, when I wake up early enough to watch it.

    I did see all the hype about Joy being annoyed with Star on a few of the Magazine Shows last week. Seriously though, I would be annoyed and am annoyed too! Shuuuudup already!

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    FORT Fogey justCoz's Avatar
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    Today on The View they did announce that Meredith is going to the Today show and that she will be leaving The View probably at the end of May. They all had nice things to say to Meredith.

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    I just posted over in the Katie replacement thread that I hope they replace Meredith with someone who actually has a different point of View than Joy, Star and Barbara. Right now it is 4 post menopausal liberal
    women to 1 dingy 20 something conservative. I would love to see a mid thirties smart conservative who can stand up to Joy, Star and Barbara. Ann Coulter would be great! Mary Maitlin would do too but she is also older. They really need to balance out the age representation and the "Views."

    If they got someone really good I might actually watch it again, but right now I absolutely can't stand to watch that bunch!

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    Scrappy Spartan Broadway's Avatar
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    Misty, you might have your wish. But if this turns out to be true, I will absolutely never watch The View again. This wench is the reason I've stopped watching Entertainment Tonight after more than a solid week of her espousing her opinion about the Terri Schiavo case as their opening segment.
    April 7, 2006 -- "THE View" will look a lot different now that Meredith Vieira is replacing Katie Couric at NBC's "Today" show.
    Insiders say "Everybody Loves Raymond" star Patricia Heaton will step in for Vieira. And to help boost viewership among Latinos, the young, Argentine-born Marianela Pereyra, a veejay on Fuse TV, will be added - perhaps booting the hapless Elizabeth Hassleback.

    "Patty Heaton is a Republican, so they won't need [Republican] Elizabeth any more," said our insider. "And Elizabeth doesn't really add much. Marianela will bring in the young Latina viewers - which is important," said one source.

    Heaton and Pereyra were considered because both are in talks with syndicator Buena Vista to have their own talk shows. ABC and Buena Vista are owned by Disney and often have a synergistic relationship.

    "Patty and Marianela were going to have their own shows, but there is not enough room in the TV schedule now, so it kills two birds with one stone," the source added.

    Another scenario could have Hassleback staying and crotchety comedienne Joy Behar leaving.

    Last weekend, while performing stand-up comedy at Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City, Behar announced to the audience: "Meredith Vieira is leaving . . . I love her . . . We don't know who's takin' [her place] . . . The whole thing is in disarray . . . I know. It's terrible. And you know what? The ship has sailed. Maybe it's over. Move on.

    "Who knows how long I'm gonna be there, right? You never know, Meredith's going. The whole thing could fall apart. It's a very tenuous relationship, you know, the chemistry and everything there, so who knows."

    But for now, "The View" staples Behar and freebie-queen Star Jones are staying put.

    "Star's job was on the line before Meredith told people she was leaving," another insider said. "ABC brass and Barbara Walters were fed up with her and her freebie-loving ways - and the embarrassment she has caused the show and the station. But now that Meredith is going, they don't want to shake things up too much."

    Buena Vista rep Kim Harbin had no comment, while Karl Nilsson at "The View" said: "This is all rumor and conjecture. We probably won't have someone in place on a regular basis until the start of the 10th season in September."
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    Skye's BootyGuard Dogg's Avatar
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    interesting article

    the political makeup of that show was never balanced and never will be.

    if they want to talk politics all the time, they need to have balance or else don't talk about politics... people for the most part watch this garbage for the guests like any other show, not to hear about how they hate republicans, their funky love lives, etc.

    putting a ditsy airhead blonde girl on to represent conservative viewpoints was not an accident, suprised she lasted this long. Although i like Joy i never thought it was fair for her and Star to always be attacking Elizabeths conservative views.

    also nobody ever cared about Star and her fat or care to hear about her sham of a lovelife. or about her "Boobs"

    i think the only reason Star was there, is because she is a "professional" black woman. (in terms of having a career-- being an attorney/reporter...)

    It would be cool for this long lasting show to fail once Meredith leaves. They might as well put Rosie O'Donell on there so she can talk about gay topics and how people are war criminals for 44 minutes a day and put that final dagger in.

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    Great point Dogg. They had a beautiful latino woman on the other day guest hosting who is the "barbara walters" of the latin channel? I thought she was great I wouldn't mind seeing her. Joy could go and I wouldnt' even blink or ask why.

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    FORT Fanatic gaby's Avatar
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    I would hope the producers would do a few months of on air try-outs. (I am not a fan of Patricia Heaton.) I would like to see another newsy girl take over for Meredith. There are so many really funny smart girls that work on CNN. I would like to have someone, like them, come in with a real view point of facts.

    I have no love for Joy. Star had never annoyed me the way Joy has with her mean mouth bully behavior. But at least with Meredith there as the anchor she could steer that shipwreck. It would really take a strong personality girl to come into that mess and not be ran over by Joy's flat out bullying.

    But with the show producers picking Elizabeth the last go around... I can only hope they pick someone with a brain.

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    This is Me babydollbrat's Avatar
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    I'm thinking Kathie Lee will be her replacement

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