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Thread: The View

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    Elisabeth said she was out running and mistook a stick for a leaf and when she stepped on it she twisted her foot. She said she has a torn ligament.

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    At this point, I am not sure who is dumber. Barbara or Elizabeth. I watched the piece where they interviewed the lady who married the Menendez(sp) dude. Barbara, was so focused on how the woman was pretty, and she couldn't figure out why she would marry him. At least Joy(who is okay) said does it really matter if she was homely. Barbara obviously does not understand the psychology(sp) of why women do this. It really is not hard to figure out.

    Just because you send "thank you" notes out to people, does not make you intelligent, cause Barbara is NOT. Okay, prhoshay, lay it on me
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    I saw that episode. That lady is all kinds of crazy to marry him. She sees him on the weekend, they can hug and kiss. I almost felt bad for her the way they were asking the questions and making her feel bad for spending all her money on him. But she should feel bad and needs to take a reality pill.

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    So, OK j, I'm going to let you slide today because you didn't start in on Joy.

    I agree with you that Barbara, doesn't seem to get it on the looks issue.....but then again, a lot of people don't. Good looks don't guarantee sanity or good judgment or intelligence or good character or self-steem or common sense. I get annoyed when people go on and on about someone's looks, and they know nothing else about the person. Their shallowness is a little scary to me.

    Besides, Barbara drives me crazy period.
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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    Star is such a cow.
    Blow a kiss, fire a gun, we need someone to lean on

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    My hatred for Barbara was started by my father. He can't stand it her. She just says the most inane things. Meredith and Joy are *tolerable*. Elizabeth, Starr, and WA-WA(thank god, for Gilda Radner) are not. Meredith always has sex on her mind though.
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    Well, I think I can post about this here, because I am sure it has been talked about on "hot topics" several times. I really am sick of hearing about Beth Twitty and her missing daughter. Natalie. And *please* *don't* get me wrong, I feel horrible that her daughter is missing and probably not alive, but it just shows how shallow the media is and how they will keep a story alive, just to keep it alive. Now they are really streching things. With her being sold into the sex slave industry?. Dr Phil, can't enough of this story, because it brings in huge ratings. C'mon. I think we know who did it. One of the boys she went out and partied with(not that there is anything wrong, with partying) Sorry, but Beth and Dr Phil(will not tell me where NOT to travel) have a lot of nerve to tell the American people not to go to aruba, becaue of what happened to her daughter. I wish the media would focus on other things, than attractive blonds. What about the 3 children that died in the trunk of the car in Cameden, NJ. That get about 5 minutes of air time. I also feel like Beth is being exploited by the media and she doesn't know it. Sorry, but it just shows how shallow the media is, and prhoshay you even stated how shallow Barbara was above. And Beth Twitty is one of the most fascinating people of 2005? As John Stossel would say: "give me a break"
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    Now don't throw any rocks at me... but here is my bias opinion...

    Lets add Amber Frey to the list of "victims" I wish would just shut up and get off the talk show circuit. Still to this day I can not understand how her bedding Scott Peterson a couple of times in their very very short lived (4 weeks?) romance has lead to her being the "tragic figure" that every talk show sells her as... there is nothing tragic about her.

    The whole Holloway issue... I have yet to see the story told in the context it needs to be... how young girls should not ever (and I mean EVER) take off with strange men they do not know... muchless ALONE in Aruba.

    I am amazed by the fact girls still to this day do not understand there is a reason you don't take off with strangers. I am so tired of reading about girls, under the age of 25, just disappearing. Poof! They are gone. And how many times it turns out that the person that harmed them, was a man they willing left with.

    Back on topic... The View....

    Again... don't throw rocks at me... but I don't find Star nears as annoying as Joy. Granted not only has Star lost alot of weight and it seems a few of her brain cells since the marriage... but with the shows I have watched this month... Star seemed tame compare to Joy. I was stunned how down right nasty Joy has been to the guest. Joy has been a flat out mean mouth bully.

    I am stunned at how goofy Babara Walters has gotten. And I am convince she had no idea how bad this show comes off to the general viewing public. Everytime the whole Emmy things come around... and the whole group harps about not winning... all I can think are they are all delusional. There is nothing but a table full of women who scream over each other and insult their guest. And they can't figure out why they aren't getting the Emmy's?!?!

    I can say... I recall the only one they won... it wasn't even a complete win... they tied with the Wayne Brady Show. Which Wayne had a decent and funny show. Can't say the same for The View.

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    I agree. with the above post too. And nothing would make me want to throw "rocks". Your points are just as valid as mine. Sometimes my opinions are alterted by posts on the board or when I talk to people who watch these shows, or other media outlets. Joy does have a "chip" on her shoulder and seems quite angry(she is a bully). I have heard she is *NOT* nice in public from several things I have read. And I believe it. Barabra is a total idiot. And is very out of touch. She should really retire. Like my father says she is probably the most "inane" person. I remember her saying on one show that she asked if "women" check men out in public. Please, we all look. "Common sense" She comes across naive. Elizabeth makes good points, *once* in awhile. But for the most part she is pretty bad too. Really they culd of picked someone better then an from an island. Lisa Ling made a good career move by leaving that trainwreck. Meredith really is the only one who is truly "intelligent" in my opinion. I really don't watch the "view" as it may appear. But I listen to Howard Stern, so that is how some of my opinion if formed(maybe unfairly) Starr, actually has mellowed a little, her past is very obnoxius.

    In all honestly, I believe the only reason the show stays on the air is because its so bad. I have a good friend(female, in her 40's) who only watches it because she can't stand them and then pokes fun of them afterwards. Probably like many men and women alike(probably more women)

    Barbara is no class act. She went from a journalist, to a "yellow" tabloid reporter. She should reallly just exit stage left.

    Agree. Amber Frey is no "hero" I have read all the books on Scott Peterson. She is a real loser. She paints herself as some detective. Anyone, in her situation would do the same thing. Even when Scott was "foolling" her, she will still going after him.
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    I disagree, it took a lot of guts for Amber to make herself bait for a sociopath. The police think that he was catching on that she was not believing him any more, since he tried then to lure her to a deserted spot, and some think he would've tried to kill her there.

    A lot of people would've just thought of themselves but she helped catch a killer. She could've just got in the wind, and not told anyone, let alone called police and then put herself at risk. Global tracking showed Peterson was driving around by her house during that time. It is not easy to talk to a sociopath and not have them pick up on what you feel about them... they're predatory and excellent at reading others. It's their narcissism (they don't know what behavior is expected of them/how others see them), that traps them usually in the end.

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